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451Thir13en Ghosts€ 460.00067.0002002CTF
452On the Road€ 459.74260.7312012CNA
453The Manchurian Candidate€ 456.00068.0002004UIP
454There Will Be Blood€ 453.00059.0002008WDS
455CHiPs€ 451.68757.8252017WB
456Water for Elephants€ 448.95761.9022011FOX
457Triple 9€ 448.71058.3772016WWE
458They Shall Not Grow Old€ 446.4792019WB
459You Were Never Really Here€ 446.25657.5762018SEA
460Un prophète (A Prophet)€ 443.00060.0002010CM
46147 Meters Down (In the Deep)€ 441.53356.0782017DFW
462A Perfect Getaway€ 439.00062.0002009AFD
463The Strangers€ 439.00060.0002008WWE
464The Eye€ 437.00060.0002008WWE
465Sinister 2€ 433.82451.9182015WWE
466Defiance€ 432.00060.0002009WWE
467The Lobster€ 428.67553.2992015ONB
468Resident Evil€ 428.00064.0002002IF
469Winchester€ 425.70850.6872018DFW
470Basic€ 425.00071.0002003ML
471The Ninth Gate€ 424.28572.0002000IF
472Blair Witch€ 418.97750.8502016IF
473End of Watch€ 418.78858.6922012IF
474Chappie€ 417.29852.8972015UPI
475Mulholland Drive€ 414.00067.0002002AFD
476RocknRolla€ 410.00059.0002008WB
477Hell Fest€ 405.07647.7292018DFW
478American Psycho€ 402.50364.0002000WWE
479November Man€ 402.16262.6682014DFW
480Enemy at the Gates€ 402.00061.0002001UIP
481Kick-Ass 2€ 397.38054.8102013UPI
482The Death of Stalin€ 396.59650.7452018SEP
483The Visit€ 395.83648.8622015UPI
484Instinct (Locus of Control)€ 392.2592019SEP
485Conan the Barbarian€ 390.71746.2842011BFD
486127 Hours€ 390.62156.5472011FOX
487Riddick€ 390.48953.5232013DFW
488The Omen€ 389.00057.0002006FOX
489Rendition€ 389.00056.0002008WWE
490Death Proof€ 388.00057.0002007AFD
491The Reaping€ 386.00052.0002007WB
492Changeling€ 385.00053.0002008UPI
493The Gunman€ 384.25350.1392015IF
494The Infiltrator€ 383.37748.1582016DFW
495Tears of the Sun€ 379.00057.0002003CTF
496Deliver Us from Evil€ 378.89059.3122014UPI
497Happy Death Day 2U€ 378.7462019UPI
498Hard Rain€ 377.54565.0001998PFED
499Wolf€ 375.99749.7512013JFD
500The Rite€ 373.52150.4732011WB


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