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551Bowling for Columbine€ 283.00045.0002002AFD
552The Sisters Brothers€ 280.2392018SEA
553Children of Men€ 279.00040.0002006UIP
554Eastern Promises€ 273.00041.0002007RCV
555Stigmata€ 271.81443.0002000UIP
556The Art of War€ 271.00042.0002001NFFC
557Unsane€ 270.9772018FOX
558Boogie Nights€ 269.54546.0001998PFED
559Bullet to the Head€ 267.61838.4392013E1
560Get Rich or Die Tryin'€ 267.00037.0002006UIP
561Sin City: A Dame to Kill For€ 266.45732.3702014IF
562Incendies€ 264.98640.6562011CNA
563Lucía y el Sexo (Sex and Lucia)€ 264.00044.0002002AFD
564Dead Man Down€ 262.05136.4852013E1
565Don't Be Afraid of the Dark€ 260.92434.9682011DFW
566It Follows€ 258.66332.8422015AFD
567It Comes at Night€ 258.55833.2032017SPL
568American History X€ 256.38646.0001999
569Basic Instinct 2€ 255.00035.0002006IF
570The Descent€ 255.00037.0002006AFD
571In Bruges€ 255.00038.0002008UPI
572The Magdalene Sisters€ 255.00047.0002003PAR
573We Were Soldiers€ 252.00040.0002002RCV
574The Wind That Shakes the Barley€ 252.00041.0002006AFD
575No Escape€ 251.71433.5262015WDS
576Dogma€ 249.57944.0002000RCV
577The Angels' Share€ 248.42034.9532012CNA
57825th Hour€ 248.00038.0002003BVI
579Prooi€ 246.48930.8502016DFW
580Mommy€ 246.06133.5902014CM
581Gone Baby Gone€ 246.00036.0002008WDS
582Detroit€ 245.82933.2692017E1
583The Bye Bye Man€ 245.32030.5162017SEA
584The Astronaut's Wife€ 245.04144.0001999RCV
585Killing Me Softly€ 245.00045.0002002IF
586Species II€ 242.77241.0001998UIP
587Sexy Beast€ 242.00037.0002001IF
588Regression€ 240.00731.1812015E1
589Darkness€ 240.00037.0002003AFD
590A History of Violence€ 240.00035.0002005RCV
591Des hommes et des dieux (Of Gods and Men)€ 239.00035.0002010BFD
592I Am Not Your Negro€ 237.81131.1832017CD
593Dark Skies€ 236.32831.9332013E1
594The Drop€ 236.20932.9672014FOX
595The Woman in Black: Angel of Death€ 233.64229.5522015E1
596Shot Caller€ 233.05130.5352017SPL
597Twisted€ 231.00034.0002004IF
598Dogman€ 230.6732018CNA
599Hotel Artemis€ 230.3502018DFW
60024 Hours to Live€ 227.2982018SEA


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