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101The Green Mile€ 1.694.136241.7892000UIP
102Bad Boys€ 1.681.763386.2591995CTF
103The Beach€ 1.677.474278.9962000FOX
104Wanted€ 1.664.656284.9972008UPI
105The Blair Witch Project€ 1.639.446283.0801999PAR
106Brimstone€ 1.625.9412017PAR
107Gangs of New York€ 1.562.227213.0602003RCV
108The Hard Way€ 1.551.406290.9231991UIP
109Swordfish€ 1.551.000231.0002001WB
110Split€ 1.548.7892017UPI
111Gothika€ 1.544.133214.6612004CTF
112The Girl on the Train€ 1.532.997186.6952016E1
113Munich€ 1.511.408199.8352006UIP
114The Doors€ 1.506.629288.7921991CTF
115Alexander€ 1.492.912186.8822004AFD
116Män som hatar kvinnor (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)€ 1.489.964213.4122009BFD
117Arlington Road€ 1.489.398265.3501999CTF
118Burn After Reading€ 1.484.545200.1042008UPI
119Olympus Has Fallen€ 1.479.628191.2312013DFW
120Starship Troopers€ 1.460.462246.7701998BVI
121Payback€ 1.459.928246.3221999WB
122The Grudge€ 1.455.819200.8622005IF
123The River Wild€ 1.454.606261.2891995UIP
124Project X€ 1.433.568182.9732012WB
125Hacksaw Ridge€ 1.429.830170.8622016SF
126No Country for Old Men€ 1.429.149191.7822008UPI
127Bram Stoker's Dracula€ 1.422.935264.9681993CTF
128The Exorcist€ 1.412.838217.3051974WB
129Blade II€ 1.407.000249.0002002RCV
130A Perfect Murder€ 1.406.604240.1211998WB
131The Godfather: Part III€ 1.401.577188.7941991UIP
132Mechanic: Resurrection€ 1.381.507167.0532016DFW
133Escape Plan€ 1.373.303176.4092013DFW
134The Patriot€ 1.362.819199.2292000CTF
135Scream 2€ 1.356.398244.5971998RCV
136Annabelle: Creation€ 1.341.2552017WB
137Hoe duur was de suiker€ 1.336.796171.8782013E1
138Shaft€ 1.324.300207.8172000UIP
139Get Out€ 1.312.4052017UPI
140Gangster Squad€ 1.286.216166.5862013WB
141Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles€ 1.259.253235.4891994WB
142Van God Los€ 1.258.351191.7832003RCV
143Final Destination 5€ 1.238.740133.6562011WB
144I Still Know What You Did Last Summer€ 1.233.139218.1631999CTF
145Under Siege€ 1.231.545226.3031993WB
146Critical Decision (Executive Decision)€ 1.229.532217.5021996WB
147The Cell€ 1.228.375195.1632000RCV
148The Taking of Pelham 123€ 1.217.298176.4642009SPR
149John Wick€ 1.212.803152.6142014AFD
150Timecop€ 1.211.810219.9351994UIP


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