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1001W.€ 65.0009.0002008PAR
1002The House That Jack Built€ 64.7662019SPL
1003The Cave€ 64.6762020CD
1004Eden Lake€ 64.00010.0002009BFD
1005Fragile€ 64.00010.0002006AFD
1006Marauders€ 63.1429.0822016DFW
1007Ying (Shadow)€ 62.1532019SPL
1008Splice€ 62.00011.0002010BFD
1009Krigen (A War)€ 61.9258.3942016SEP
1010Vox Lux€ 61.7012019SEA
1011Seven Psychopaths€ 61.1528.4232012WWE
1012The Interview€ 61.0118.6282015UPI
1013Hemel€ 60.6538.9672012CNA
1014Suburra€ 60.5818.9662016LUM
1015God Bless America€ 60.3009.8122012DFW
1016Ovsyanki (Silent Souls)€ 60.0919.4752011CNA
1017Bloody Sunday€ 60.00011.0002003AFD
1018High Life€ 59.7992019IMA
1019SuperFly€ 59.5697.8982018SPR
1020Lonely Hearts€ 59.00010.0002007WWE
1021L' inconnu du lac (Stranger by the Lake)€ 58.7168.6202014CM
1022Sobibor€ 58.6947.9272018DFW
1023Apocalypse Now: Final Cut€ 58.3702019EYE
1024The Prince€ 58.36010.1022014DFW
1025Alpha Dog€ 58.0009.0002007PAR
1026La gomera (The Whistlers)€ 57.8932020CPF
1027De poel€ 57.7598.3852014JFD
1028The Salvation€ 57.5037.9932014SEP
1029The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford€ 57.0008.0002007WB
1030Funny Games€ 57.00010.0002008CNA
1031Elser (13 Minutes)€ 56.4998.5342016SEP
1032Deep Rising€ 55.81510.0001998WWE
1033The Lady€ 55.7108.3092012CNA
1034The Riot Club€ 55.0857.3152014LUM
1035Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin (A Woman in Berlin)€ 55.0009.0002009AFD
1036Waltz with Bashir€ 55.0009.0002008CNA
1037Your Highness€ 54.1759.1152011UPI
1038Cherry Falls€ 54.00011.0002001PAR
1039White Material€ 54.0008.0002010WBU
1040Attack the Block€ 53.9788.8092011WWE
1041The Diary of a Teenage Girl€ 53.1957.5252015LUM
1042Much Loved€ 53.0867.1042016IMA
1043The Dreamers€ 53.0009.0002004AFD
1044Storytelling€ 53.0009.0002002PAR
1045The Cleaners€ 52.7407.0092018PER
1046Texas Killing Fields€ 52.6998.4612011WWE
1047Pride and Prejudice and Zombies€ 52.6837.7402016IF
1048À peine j'ouvre les yeux (As I Open My Eyes)€ 52.4379.3022016MOO
1049Term Life€ 52.1727.9092016DFW
1050After.Life€ 52.0008.0002010WWE


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