Keuring: 16 jaar en ouder

1Dances with Wolves€ 14.119.1111.984.136MFP
2Joker€ 11.640.3051.172.8871991WB
3The Sixth Sense€ 7.615.7071.203.7822019BVI
4Zwartboek€ 7.521.2061.056.0022000AFD
5Quantum of Solace€ 7.014.077925.0602006SPR
6Basic Instinct€ 6.989.9381.262.7072008CTF
7Terminator 2: Judgment Day€ 6.931.7791.235.8861992CTF
8The Revenant€ 6.634.444726.0461991FOX
9Fifty Shades of Grey€ 6.403.954746.7452016UPI
10Once Upon a Time in Hollywood€ 6.367.905645.6052015SPR
11The Wolf of Wall Street€ 6.001.055677.1672019DFW
12Fifty Shades Darker€ 5.970.449686.0442014UPI
13Michiel de Ruyter€ 5.963.793694.2942017AFD
14Bad Boys for Life€ 5.951.7072015SPR
15Saving Private Ryan€ 5.374.309784.3162020UIP
16Troy€ 5.355.604704.8831998WB
17Fifty Shades Freed€ 5.350.100604.7522004UPI
18IT€ 5.191.570580.6672018WB
19Hannibal€ 5.180.000790.0002017UIP
20Penoza: The Final Chapter€ 5.123.786523.7272001DFW
21The Silence of the Lambs€ 5.069.242940.7672019CTF
22The Dark Knight€ 5.049.7131991WB
23Deadpool€ 4.826.815525.7462008WB
24Inglourious Basterds€ 4.670.918630.5122016UPI
25Deadpool 2€ 4.279.246461.8522009FOX
26Gladiator€ 4.058.4092018UIP
27New Kids: Nitro!€ 4.012.872490.1762000BFD
28IT: Chapter Two€ 3.814.900376.2552011WB
29Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials€ 3.778.132409.6552019FOX
30The Last Samurai€ 3.679.316561.2982015WB
31Gisaengchung (Parasite)€ 3.589.905402.5152004SEP
32What Lies Beneath€ 3.570.311552.9032019FOX
33Ransom€ 3.561.476597.0652000BVI
34The Discovery of Heaven€ 3.553.000531.0001997WWE
35Django Unchained€ 3.539.151419.9322001SPR
36Signs€ 3.441.000505.0002013BVI
37The Hateful Eight€ 3.330.274352.5022002WWE
38The Firm€ 3.326.739470.8512016UIP
39Die Hard with a Vengeance€ 3.317.683644.9061993BVI
40Maze Runner: The Death Cure€ 3.309.481326.3681995FOX
4112 Years a Slave€ 3.302.356415.0542018IF
42Kingsman: The Golden Circle€ 3.265.703377.6412014FOX
43John Wick 3: Parabellum€ 3.212.777349.2652017IF
44Face/Off€ 3.106.782519.7042019BVI
45Bad Boys 2€ 3.065.058434.1261997CTF
46The Ring€ 3.063.343441.9602003UIP
47The Hitman's Bodyguard€ 3.060.907366.7252003DFW
48The Rock€ 3.037.075608.0472017BVI
49Se7en€ 3.029.222531.3831996PFED
50Logan€ 3.017.820342.0231995WB


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