Nicolas Cage

Acteur/Actrice - 46 films

The Croods€ 3.552.153432.2752013FOX
The Rock€ 3.037.075608.0471996BVI
Gone in Sixty Seconds€ 3.017.733480.2072000BVI
G-Force€ 2.162.521306.4862009WDS
National Treasure€ 2.059.079287.6882005BVI
Con Air€ 1.966.894397.8051997BVI
National Treasure: Book of Secrets€ 1.831.704241.8892008WDS
The Sorcerer's Apprentice€ 1.437.671191.9672010WDS
World Trade Center€ 1.227.064165.0872006UIP
Knowing€ 1.136.950152.0242009IF
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse€ 1.119.943124.2602018SPR
Kick-Ass€ 976.836134.5412010AFD
Next€ 830.803113.6132007WWE
Drive Angry€ 768.30885.4432011BFD
Bangkok Dangerous€ 669.000117.0002008WWE
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance€ 565.96162.1122012WWE
Season of the Witch€ 547.51974.6422011AFD
Lord of War€ 532.00075.0002005ML
The Wicker Man€ 437.00081.0002006BFD
Kick-Ass 2€ 397.38054.8102013UPI
Snowden€ 382.89251.5692016IF
Teen Titans Go!: To the Movies€ 357.57249.0512018WB
Matchstick Men€ 353.00053.0002003WB
Trespass€ 349.75247.5022012WWE
Adaptation.€ 343.00053.0002003IF
Ghost Rider€ 313.00043.0002007SPR
The Ant Bully€ 307.00054.0002006WB
The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans€ 241.00035.0002010BFD
Seeking Justice€ 183.04325.8332012DFW
Stolen€ 142.50720.7012013WWE
Joe€ 103.28615.3362014CNA
Bringing Out the Dead€ 72.15115.0002000BVI
The Frozen Ground€ 68.18710.6932013IF
Astro Boy€ 65.00011.0002010IF
The Weather Man€ 63.00010.0002006UIP
Color Out of Space€ 54.9882020SPL
Mandy€ 51.8276.5822018UPI
Dying of the Light€ 48.5517.4692015DFW
Looking Glass€ 28.4724.3072018DFW
Red Rock West1993MFP
Honeymoon in Vegas1992UIP
Wild at Heart1990MFP
Raising Arizona1987HFR
Rumble Fish1986ONB
The Cotton Club1985ONB

Producent - 7 films


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