John Debney

Componist - 60 films
Come Away€ 50.6342020DFW
I Still Believe€ 1.025.1232020DFW
Dora and the Lost City of Gold€ 797.69299.9782019PPI
The Beach Bum€ 94.02812.0382019SEA
The Greatest Showman€ 2.034.907242.4892018FOX
Home Again€ 877.447110.1172017SPL
Ice Age: Collision Course€ 3.064.656386.5482016FOX
Mother's Day€ 1.227.087147.9022016DFW
The Jungle Book€ 9.446.241967.4542016WDS
The Cobbler€ 79.51611.0462015RIL
SpongeBob: Spons op het droge€ 2.752.676347.9182015UPI
Stonehearst Asylum€ 48.7947.2022014WWE
Walk of Shame€ 271.72938.1722014DFW
Jobs€ 338.05946.6472013WWE
Alex Cross€ 148.34122.1502012DFW
The Double€ 114.40715.7952012DFW
New Year's Eve€ 3.456.533434.0252011WB
Dream House€ 172.33523.5592011WWE
The Change-Up€ 575.59979.8812011UPI
The Stoning of Soraya M.€ 11.7161.8102011ART
No Strings Attached€ 1.593.268209.5032011UPI
Predators€ 509.00068.0002010WB
Iron Man 2€ 1.802.979223.3332010UPI
Valentine's Day€ 2.479.038320.4112010WB
Old Dogs€ 947.815124.9772009WDS
Hannah Montana: The Movie€ 235.00037.0002009WDS
Hotel for Dogs€ 937.298144.6792009UPI
My Best Friend's Girl€ 953.759129.1862008WWE
Meet Dave€ 657.000108.0002008WB
Georgia Rule€ 119.00023.0002007BFD
Evan Almighty€ 853.258130.6682007UPI
Barnyard€ 903.785148.5742007UPI
The Ant Bully€ 307.00054.0002006WB
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story€ 401.00069.0002006WWE
Chicken Little€ 2.041.685381.3902005BVI
The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl 3-D2005SPHE
Sin City€ 1.063.226177.7522005WWE
The Pacifier€ 1.803.391273.5512005BVI
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement€ 1.038.942151.4942004BVI
Raising Helen€ 437.00077.0002004BVI
The Passion of the Christ€ 1.970.378276.5392004AFD
Elf€ 49.0008.0002003AFD
Bruce Almighty€ 5.563.918906.0382003BVI
The Hot Chick€ 724.000104.0002003BVI
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams€ 786.000154.0002003WWE
The Tuxedo€ 794.000111.0002002UIP
Snow Dogs€ 1.306.000230.0002002BVI
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius€ 162.00030.0002002UIP
Dragonfly€ 274.00043.0002002BVI
The Scorpion King€ 1.201.000180.0002002UIP
The Princess Diaries€ 1.210.000191.0002001BVI
Spy Kids€ 743.000155.0002001WWE
End of Days€ 2.002.762331.9631999WWE
I'll Be Home for Christmas1998BVI
Liar Liar€ 3.504.112683.8081997UIP
Little Giants1997WB
The Relic69.9851997PFED
Cutthroat Island1996CCF
Sudden Death1996UIP


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