Jude Law

Acteur/Actrice - 30 films

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword€ 1.815.8792017WB
Genius€ 87.82812.1352016PAR
Spy€ 1.940.522239.1762015FOX
The Grand Budapest Hotel€ 2.369.678294.3922014FOX
Side Effects€ 505.70668.0072013IF
Anna Karenina€ 907.02969.2222012UPI
Rise of the Guardians€ 1.152.649117.6812012UPI
360€ 85.73012.3732012BFD
Hugo€ 1.101.469122.7692012UPI
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
Contagion€ 534.30173.0672011WB
Repo Men€ 97.00015.0002010UPI
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus€ 257.00039.0002010E1
Sherlock Holmes€ 2.955.143381.8962010WB
Sleuth€ 13.0002.0002008RCV
My Blueberry Nights€ 71.00011.0002007AFD
The Holiday€ 3.500.695460.9202006UIP
Closer€ 764.000104.0002005CTF
The Aviator€ 1.294.470166.7862005IF
Alfie€ 212.00029.0002005UIP
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events€ 891.784127.9772004UIP
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow€ 167.00026.0002004RCV
Cold Mountain€ 990.623130.4002004BVI
Road to Perdition€ 607.00093.0002002FOX
Artificial Intelligence: AI€ 875.000123.0002001WB
Enemy at the Gates€ 402.00061.0002001UIP
The Wisdom of Crocodiles€ 1.8152000AFD
The Talented Mr. Ripley€ 1.073.147170.6692000RCV
eXistenZ€ 220.99142.0001999DFW
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil€ 24.0504.0001998WB

Producent - 2 films


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