Samuel L. Jackson

Acteur/Actrice - 74 films

Jurassic Park€ 10.133.7121.850.6191993UIP
Avengers: Infinity War€ 9.357.196883.0602018WDS
The Incredibles 2€ 7.277.926852.2162018WDS
Spider-Man: Far from Home€ 6.619.970632.5422019UPI
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace€ 5.928.187989.8961999FOX
Captain Marvel€ 5.886.277545.1312019WDS
The Avengers€ 5.260.208534.2092012UPI
Avengers: Age of Ultron€ 5.004.527493.7972015WDS
Inglourious Basterds€ 4.670.918630.5122009UPI
The Incredibles€ 4.479.737693.0912004BVI
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones€ 4.378.000654.0002002FOX
The Legend of Tarzan€ 4.158.542432.0372016WB
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith€ 3.909.886561.8112005FOX
Kong: Skull Island€ 3.694.711378.0262017WB
Django Unchained€ 3.539.151419.9322013SPR
Unbreakable€ 3.387.000515.0002001BVI
The Hateful Eight€ 3.330.274352.5022016WWE
Turbo€ 3.322.039415.4332013FOX
Die Hard with a Vengeance€ 3.317.683644.9061995BVI
The Hitman's Bodyguard€ 3.060.907366.7252017DFW
Kingsman: The Secret Service€ 2.556.464306.7232015FOX
xXx€ 2.496.000376.0002002CTF
Pulp Fiction€ 2.243.865336.8351994WWE
Glass€ 2.155.537230.6912019WDS
Zambezia: De verborgen vogelstad€ 1.939.776229.5872013WWE
Captain America: The Winter Soldier€ 1.926.226201.7772014WDS
xXx: The Return of Xander Cage€ 1.806.549183.8242017UPI
Iron Man 2€ 1.802.979223.3332010UPI
Kill Bill: Vol. 2€ 1.770.858238.2972004WWE
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children€ 1.682.450187.4602016FOX
S.W.A.T.€ 1.607.108223.9722003CTF
Jumper€ 1.416.794189.2422008FOX
Patriot Games€ 1.365.130252.8981992UIP
Thor€ 1.349.250144.2582011UPI
Iron Man€ 1.342.856179.8772008UPI
Shaft€ 1.324.300207.8172000UIP
Captain America: The First Avenger€ 1.168.801132.3382011UPI
Jackie Brown€ 1.012.015184.4531998WWE
A Time to Kill€ 991.435155.0691996WB
1408€ 971.649168.5322007BFD
RoboCop€ 791.67093.7862014UPI
Sphere€ 558.15099.0001998WB
Changing Lanes€ 502.00072.0002002UIP
Basic€ 425.00071.0002003ML
xXx: The Next Level (xXx: State of the Union)€ 390.00056.0002005SPR
Star Wars: The Clone Wars€ 358.00064.0002008WB
The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002010SPR
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D€ 331.40335.5162012FOX
Snakes on a Plane€ 310.00046.0002006WWE
Unthinkable€ 305.00043.0002010AFD
Big Game€ 300.67140.8922015DFW
Jurassic Park 3D€ 241.62427.0492013UPI
I Am Not Your Negro€ 237.81131.1832017CD
Twisted€ 231.00034.0002004IF
Rules of Engagement€ 221.44536.0002000IF
Formula 51 (The 51st State)€ 172.00027.0002002IFD
Oldboy€ 162.80623.3592013PAR
The Last Full Measure€ 148.4542020SPL
Life Itself€ 121.67717.0272018CNA
Reasonable Doubt€ 119.95717.6482014DFW
Coach Carter€ 118.00017.0002005UIP
Mother and Child€ 49.0008.0002010CNA
The Man€ 42.0007.0002006PAR
Black Snake Moan€ 40.0007.0002007UPI
Do the Right Thing€ 29.5922020EYE
Goodfellas€ 28.8803.7132017EYE
One Eight Seven€ 14.9753.0001998PAR
Hard Eight (Sydney)€ 13.1603.0001998ARG
Home of the Brave2007BFD
Menace II Society1993ONB
Jungle Fever1991UIP
Mo' Better Blues1990UIP
Do the Right Thing1989UIP


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