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Producent - 32 films

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves€ 7.033.2101.266.5861991WB
Unbreakable€ 3.387.000515.0002001BVI
Tomb Raider€ 3.086.2962018WB
The Tourist€ 2.121.996273.4802011SPR
The Pacifier€ 1.803.391273.5512005BVI
Wanted€ 1.664.656284.9972008UPI
No Strings Attached€ 1.593.268209.5032011UPI
The Recruit€ 1.404.920204.0402003BVI
27 Dresses€ 1.253.194169.0012008FOX
The Legend of Zorro€ 983.545140.5152005SPR
The Happening€ 920.353122.4902008WB
Memoirs of a Geisha€ 882.590124.2652006SPR
Evan Almighty€ 853.258130.6682007UPI
The Vow€ 849.928110.7922012SPR
RoboCop€ 791.67093.7862014UPI
Dinner for Schmucks€ 646.00094.0002010UPI
Reign of Fire€ 511.00077.0002002BVI
Wrongfully Accused€ 478.28481.0002000IF
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy€ 462.00068.0002005BVI
Shanghai Knights€ 426.00064.0002003BVI
Underdog€ 379.00059.0002008WDS
Anywhere But Home (Four Christmases)€ 355.00047.0002008WB
The Count of Monte Cristo€ 319.00061.0002002BVI
Dragonfly€ 274.00043.0002002BVI
The Ruins€ 213.00030.0002008UPI
Leap Year€ 121.00019.0002010UPI
Stay Alive€ 68.00010.0002006UIP
The Love Guru€ 54.00010.0002008UPI
The Lookout€ 40.0008.0002007WDS
Connie and Carla€ 18.0003.0002004IF
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective1994WB
Pacific Heights1991MPG


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