Joel Silver

Producent - 44 films

The Matrix Reloaded€ 6.595.374996.1022003WB
The Matrix Revolutions€ 3.785.117531.8032003WB
The Matrix€ 3.781.326678.1151999WB
Lethal Weapon 3€ 3.607.758648.8861992WB
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
Lethal Weapon 4€ 3.029.435508.1361998WB
Sherlock Holmes€ 2.955.143381.8962010WB
Hudson Hawk€ 2.723.884501.0021991CTF
Demolition Man€ 1.619.768294.1541994WB
Gothika€ 1.544.133214.6612004CTF
Non-Stop€ 1.375.669178.4392014IF
Ghost Ship€ 922.000131.0002002WB
Exit Wounds€ 842.000155.0002001WB
The Predator€ 829.51583.6342018FOX
V for Vendetta€ 795.000109.0002006WB
The Book of Eli€ 772.000103.0002010PAR
Unknown€ 764.239104.3032011WB
The Nice Guys€ 559.79972.0602016IF
House on Haunted Hill€ 554.06689.0002000IF
Thir13en Ghosts€ 460.00067.0002002CTF
RocknRolla€ 410.00059.0002008WB
The Reaping€ 386.00052.0002007WB
The Gunman€ 384.25350.1392015IF
Cradle 2 the Grave€ 369.00062.0002003WB
The Matrix (20th Anniversary)€ 368.61141.4712019WB
The Brave One€ 368.00050.0002007WB
House of Wax€ 359.00054.0002005WB
Orphan€ 352.00048.0002009WB
Ninja Assassin€ 292.00041.0002009WB
Bullet to the Head€ 267.61838.4392013WWE
Speed Racer€ 124.00018.0002008WB
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang€ 111.00017.0002005WB
SuperFly€ 59.5697.8982018SPR
Fred Claus€ 25.0004.0002007WB
Sherlock Holmes 3VerwachtWB
Predator 21991FOX
Die Hard 21990FOX
Lethal Weapon 21989WB
Die Hard1988FOX
Lethal Weapon1987WB
Weird Science1985UIP
Streets of Fire1984UIP

Acteur/Actrice - 1 film


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  • Films met releasedatum: 12.089
  • Films met recette: 7.225


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