Tom Cruise

Acteur/Actrice - 36 films

Mission: Impossible - Fallout€ 6.652.7292018PPI
War of the Worlds€ 4.294.251684.5022005UIP
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol€ 3.903.945459.7872011UPI
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation€ 3.875.517439.2812015UPI
Mission: Impossible€ 3.694.440633.0781996UIP
The Last Samurai€ 3.679.316561.2982004WB
Minority Report€ 2.935.000415.0002002FOX
Valkyrie€ 2.817.775366.6832009WB
Knight and Day€ 2.537.192328.4072010WB
Mission: Impossible III€ 2.186.314310.8062006UIP
Collateral€ 2.161.826305.7282004UIP
American Made€ 2.005.072244.3892017UPI
A Few Good Men€ 1.980.904361.4131993CTF
The Mummy€ 1.924.800204.1262017UPI
Vanilla Sky€ 1.727.000252.0002002UIP
Oblivion€ 1.603.680195.2002013UPI
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back€ 1.583.041190.3522016UPI
Jack Reacher€ 1.546.405111.8522012UPI
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles€ 1.259.253235.4891994WB
Edge of Tomorrow€ 1.196.802127.9192014WB
Far and Away€ 1.170.300176.7861992UIP
Eyes Wide Shut€ 770.973120.0001999WB
Tropic Thunder€ 681.00095.0002008UPI
Magnolia€ 563.14190.0002000AFD
The Queen€ 406.00057.0002006AFD
Lions for Lambs€ 190.00027.0002007FOX
Rock of Ages€ 134.34519.3192012WB
Days of Thunder1990UIP
Born on the Fourth of July1990UIP
Rain Man1989WB
Young Guns1989ONB
The Color of Money1987BVI
Top Gun1986
Losin' It1984
The Outsiders1984CCF

Producent - 15 films
Schrijver (Bron) - 1 film


  • Films in de database: 12.899
  • Films met releasedatum: 11.381
  • Films met recette: 6.501


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