Release op minder dan 60 schermen

151The Next Three Days€ 816.650109.0862010E1
152The Skeleton Key€ 815.356115.9032005UIP
153I, Daniel Blake€ 812.388107.7242016CNA
154Disturbia€ 812.000145.0002007UPI
155The Last Witch Hunter€ 809.46899.7232015IF
156Fracture€ 800.000111.0002007RCV
157The Town€ 799.000107.0002010WB
158The Kingdom€ 798.000108.0002007UPI
15921€ 796.000108.0002008SPR
160V for Vendetta€ 795.000109.0002006WB
161Lights Out€ 794.96593.5152016WB
162Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel)€ 794.000111.0002009E1
163Piranha€ 791.00095.0002010AFD
164De dominee€ 787.000110.0002004AFD
165Den skyldige (The Guilty)€ 786.7402018SEP
166Saw 3D€ 786.14883.1152011BFD
167Hail, Caesar!€ 783.91496.5282016UPI
168Call Me by Your Name€ 780.3552018SPR
169Girl with a Pearl Earring€ 780.000113.0002004AFD
170Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters€ 777.46183.4282013UPI
171Dreamgirls€ 777.000120.0002007UPI
172Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind€ 777.000101.0002004AFD
173Pitch Perfect€ 776.816101.3182013UPI
174Surf's Up€ 776.000121.0002007SPR
175The Book of Eli€ 772.000103.0002010PAR
176Juno€ 772.000110.0002008FOX
177The Square€ 770.46795.6972017CM
178The Possession€ 767.44998.6342012E1
179The Forgotten€ 767.000105.0002004CTF
180Unknown€ 764.239104.3032011WB
181Closer€ 764.000104.0002005CTF
182United 93€ 763.000120.0002006UIP
183Manbiki kazoku (Shoplifters)€ 762.7102018SEP
184Crash€ 762.00072.0002005IF
185The Children Act€ 758.5882018CNA
186The Lake House€ 758.000120.0002006WB
187You Don't Mess with the Zohan€ 758.000107.0002008SPR
188Insidious: The Last Key€ 755.6962018SPR
189A Cinderella Story€ 755.000113.0002004WB
190The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past€ 755.000106.0002009E1
191Nerve€ 753.84199.4092016IF
192Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy€ 751.70899.9662011E1
193Beverly Hills Chihuahua€ 750.000115.0002009WDS
194Wrong Turn€ 750.000116.0002003IF
195Match Point€ 747.000106.0002006AFD
196A Single Man€ 746.000112.0002010CNA
197Walk the Line€ 745.000109.0002006FOX
198Mr. Turner€ 741.25592.5202014E1
199Captain Fantastic€ 738.67494.6462016CNA
200Stardust€ 734.000100.0002007UPI


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