Release op minder dan 60 schermen

1751Casanegra€ 43.0006.0002009ML
1752Interview€ 43.0008.0002003ML
1753Leatherheads€ 43.0007.0002008UPI
1754Thank You for Smoking€ 43.0007.0002006AFD
1755The Bleeder (Chuck)€ 42.8296.8002017DFW
1756Last Night€ 42.5587.3812011BFD
1757Lo and Behold (Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World)€ 42.1865.6942016PER
1758The Man€ 42.0007.0002006PAR
1759Orange County€ 41.0006.0002003UIP
1760Mother's Day€ 40.9496.1972011E1
1761Les fantômes d'Ismaël (Ismael's Ghosts)€ 40.6785.5762017SEP
1762Oh Lucy!€ 40.0332018CPF
1763Black Snake Moan€ 40.0007.0002007UPI
1764The Ice Harvest€ 40.0007.0002006IF
1765The Lookout€ 40.0008.0002007WDS
1766Reno 911!: Miami€ 40.0007.0002007UPI
1767Equals€ 39.7456.1352016E1
1768Hva vil folk si (What Will People Say)€ 39.2852018CM
1769The Bay€ 39.0796.3242012DFW
1770Grizzly Man€ 39.0006.0002005AFD
1771My Life Without Me€ 39.0007.0002003AFD
1772City of Violence (Zulu)€ 38.2392014FFD
1773Chi bi (Red Cliff)€ 38.0006.0002009IF
1774John Rabe€ 38.0006.0002009CM
1775Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself€ 38.0008.0002003AFD
1776De zaak alzheimer€ 38.0007.0002004AFD
1777L' odyssée (The Odyssey)€ 37.8375.3542017SEP
1778City of Ghosts€ 37.6105.1552017PER
1779Dark Water€ 37.0005.0002005BVI
1780Rudo y Cursi€ 37.0006.0002009AFD
1781Snow Cake€ 37.0006.0002006AFD
1782Un amour impossible (An Impossible Love)€ 36.9832019CPF
1783Freeheld€ 36.8645.1742016SEP
1784Manglehorn€ 36.1754.9852016SEP
1785Crossing Over€ 36.0006.0002009PAR
1786The Dead Girl€ 36.0006.0002007RCV
1787Fifty Dead Men Walking€ 35.0006.0002009EFP
1788Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle€ 35.0005.0002004RCV
1789Igby Goes Down€ 35.0006.0002003PAR
1790People I Know€ 35.0005.0002004IF
1791Brad's Status€ 34.5984.9932017SEA
1792SuperFly€ 34.1132018SPR
1793KIN€ 34.0202018IF
1794Any Way the Wind Blows€ 34.0006.0002003BAD
1795Blindsight€ 34.0005.0002007CM
1796Scar€ 34.0003.0002008RCV
1797Standing in the Shadows of Motown€ 34.0006.0002003PAR
1798Sobibor€ 33.7332018DFW
1799The 9th Life of Louis Drax€ 33.3895.2442016E1
1800Dukhtar€ 33.3664.7452016MOO


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