Release op minder dan 60 schermen

701Silent Hill: Revelation€ 286.14331.2122013E1
702A Good Old Fashioned Orgy€ 285.83540.2102012DFW
703Southpaw€ 285.71237.6042015E1
704Mud€ 285.46038.5222013IMA
705Babylon A.D.€ 285.00041.0002008UPI
706Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story€ 285.00046.0002004FOX
707State of Play€ 285.00043.0002009UPI
708A United Kingdom€ 284.69938.4082017PAR
709Chaos€ 284.00041.0002006BFD
710Little Children€ 283.00042.0002007AFD
711The Boy in the Striped Pajamas€ 282.00041.0002009WDS
712Tapas€ 281.00048.0002006CM
713House at the End of the Street€ 280.43938.1972012PAR
714Red Riding Hood€ 280.34139.7642011WB
715Stronger€ 279.94238.4822017IF
716Dabba (The Lunchbox)€ 279.41037.6792013CM
717Krampus€ 279.37435.5162015UPI
718Children of Men€ 279.00040.0002006UIP
719Caos calmo (Quiet Chaos)€ 278.00048.0002008CNA
720Funny People€ 278.00044.0002009UPI
721Visages, villages (Faces Places)€ 277.63536.0452017CNA
722Paul€ 275.64440.4402011UPI
723Niko 2 - Lentäjäveljekset (Niko 2)€ 275.47435.3932012JFD
724Father Figures€ 274.8692018WB
725Quartet€ 274.44638.3662013AFD
726The Book Thief€ 274.08538.0912014FOX
727Eastern Promises€ 273.00041.0002007RCV
728Lady in the Water€ 273.00052.0002006WB
729Transporter 3€ 273.00038.0002009RCV
730Planet 51€ 272.00041.0002010IF
731Stuck On You€ 272.00040.0002004FOX
732Walk of Shame€ 271.72938.1722014DFW
733A Hologram for the King€ 271.04036.1402016PAR
734Disgrace€ 271.00041.0002009AFD
735Goal!€ 271.00044.0002005BVI
736Unsane€ 270.9772018FOX
737The Man Who Knew Infinity€ 270.42136.7582016PAR
738The Founder€ 269.95637.0632017SEA
739One Day€ 269.44738.9362011BFD
740Bewitched€ 269.00039.0002005SPR
741Kankerlijers€ 268.68035.5002014E1
742Le passé (The Past)€ 268.51736.5552013CNA
743Get Rich or Die Tryin'€ 267.00037.0002006UIP
744Jane Eyre€ 266.74939.9842011AFD
745Sin City: A Dame to Kill For€ 266.45732.3702014IF
746Love and Honor€ 266.35335.6122013DFW
747Playing for Keeps€ 266.13935.6202012DFW
748Pranzo di ferragosto (Mid-August Lunch)€ 266.00042.0002009CM
749The Night Before€ 265.01534.5332015UPI
750Incendies€ 264.98640.6562011CNA


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