Kijkwijzer: Grof Taalgebruik

2651SuperClásico€ 25.2314.0062012AMF
2652The History of Love€ 25.1823.6872017CNA
2653No et moi€ 25.0933.9242011BFD
2654À coeur ouvert (An Open Heart)€ 25.0143.5042013WBU
2655Cachorro€ 25.0004.0002005CM
2656Madeo (Mother)€ 25.0004.0002010AFD
2657Reprise€ 25.0004.0002007AFD
2658The Shape of Things€ 25.0004.0002004BAD
2659Vreemd bloed€ 25.0004.0002010AFD
2660Wendy and Lucy€ 25.0004.0002009FM
2661Gummo€ 24.9585.0001998PFED
2662Mariage à Mendoza (Welcome to Argentina)€ 24.9533.6402013AMF
2663The Divide€ 24.9154.0032012DFW
26648½ Women€ 24.9124.5612000ONB
2665Angry Indian Goddesses € 24.6273.3802016CM
2666Blackbird€ 24.4344.0962013ART
2667Poupoupidou€ 24.3024.1162011AMF
2668Alles van waarde€ 24.2393.5342012CD
2669The Story of Film: An Odyssey€ 24.1512.5902012CM
2670Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)€ 24.0004.0002009FM
2671Lila dit ça (Lila Says)€ 24.0004.0002005IP
2672Het woeden der gehele wereld€ 24.0004.0002006UIP
2673Prince Avalanche€ 23.7573.6152013FFD
2674Die Frau des Polizisten (The Policeman's Wife)€ 23.6693.6522014CM
2675Un amour de jeunesse (Goodbye First Love)€ 23.6353.5692012LUM
2676On connaît la chanson (Same Old Song)€ 23.5976.0001998CM
2677The Last Elvis€ 23.5823.4822013AMF
2678Dab6e€ 23.5292.5812015ONB
2679Unter dir die stadt€ 23.4933.7072011CM
2680Vergine giurata (Sworn Virgin)€ 23.3953.1862015CM
2681Catch .44€ 23.3523.5002013DFW
2682Tous les chats sont gris (All Cats Are Gray)€ 23.1723.3492016AMF
2683He liu (The River)€ 23.1435.0001998CM
2684The Real Blonde€ 23.1435.0001998WWE
2685Broeders€ 23.0483.5902018HFTV
2686Les barons€ 23.0007.0002010CNA
2687De ofrivilliga (Involuntary)€ 23.0004.0002009FM
2688Indigènes (Days of Glory)€ 23.0004.0002007IF
2689Shichinin no samurai (The Seven Samurai)€ 23.0003.0002004BAD
2690Win/Win€ 23.0004.0002010CD
2691Et maintenant, on va où? (Where Do We Go Now?)€ 22.9683.8122012AFD
26925 to 7€ 22.8943.3352015DFW
2693Les chevaliers blancs (The White Knights)€ 22.8423.2652016AMF
2694Party Girl€ 22.8233.7002014AFD
2695Audition (Ôdishon)€ 22.6894.0002000FFD
2696Sister (L'enfant d'en haut)€ 22.6493.4192012CM
2697The Look of Love€ 22.4083.2632013WBU
2698Durak (The Fool)€ 22.2463.0622015SEP
2699Afterglow€ 22.2354.0001998WWE
2700At First Sight€ 22.2354.0001999UIP


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