Kijkwijzer: Grof Taalgebruik

2151Dying of the Light€ 48.5517.4692015DFW
2152À bras ouverts (With Open Arms)€ 48.4862017IF
2153Tian zhu ding (A Touch of Sin)€ 48.2806.5002014CNA
2154La villa (The House by the Sea)€ 48.0742018CNA
2155Schemer€ 48.0009.0002010IF
2156Water Lilies (Naissance des pieuvres)€ 48.0008.0002008CM
2157The Company You Keep€ 47.9537.1542013IF
2158Blackmail (Grand Piano)€ 47.8427.5972014DFW
2159Mon roi (My king)€ 47.6996.7112015CNA
2160Thanks for Sharing€ 47.5647.2872013PAR
2161Devil's Knot€ 47.2947.6932014PAR
2162Ôtez-moi d'un doute (Just to Be Sure)€ 47.2752018CNA
2163Poetry (Shi)€ 47.2508.8222011EYE
2164Voir du pays (Stopover)€ 47.2166.5812017CM
2165Taxi€ 47.1938.0001998RCV
2166Robot & Frank€ 47.0927.9952012PAR
2167Girl Most Likely€ 47.0196.4072013IF
2168Just Friends€ 47.0007.0002006PAR
2169Nadine€ 47.0007.0002007AFD
2170Danny Collins€ 46.8557.1252015E1
2171Carne trémula (Live Flesh)€ 46.7399.0001998ARG
2172The Act of Killing€ 46.7066.2772013CNA
2173Journal d'une femme de chambre (Diary of a Chambermaid)€ 46.5846.5052015CNA
2174Taxi Driver€ 46.4486.1392017EYE
2175Die laatste zomer (Boomerang)€ 46.3936.9402015CNA
2176Lotus€ 46.2407.2102011BFD
2177L' arbre (The Tree)€ 46.0008.0002010CNA
2178The Cooler€ 46.0008.00020041MF
2179Eden€ 46.00013.0002006CM
2180Elementarteilchen€ 46.0008.0002006CM
2181The Flock€ 46.0007.0002008RCV
2182Die Fremde€ 46.0007.0002010CD
2183Hustle & Flow€ 46.0006.0002005UIP
2184Lei ting zhan jing (China Strike Force)€ 46.0009.0002002IFD
2185Marion Bridge€ 46.0009.0002003CM
2186Preferisco il rumore del mare (I Prefer the Sound of the Sea)€ 46.00010.0002001CM
2187Shanghai€ 46.0008.0002010E1
2188James White€ 45.7666.5072016SEP
2189Heart of a Dog€ 45.6946.0312016CM
2190Trouble with the Curve€ 45.3847.7682012WB
2191A Strange Love Affair with Ego€ 45.1856.0452015CD
2192Drôle de Félix (The Adventures of Felix)€ 45.0009.0002001CM
2193The September Issue€ 45.0007.0002009BFD
2194Tôkyô sonata€ 45.0007.0002009AFD
2195The Look of Silence€ 44.6546.1142015CD
2196Trishna€ 44.6486.4172012AFD
2197Michael Kohlhaas€ 44.5416.4542013IMA
2198Skoonheid€ 44.5346.2512012CM
2199Vi är bäst! (We Are the Best!)€ 44.3746.8132014SEP
2200Paradies: Glaube€ 44.0668.1032013EYE


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