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601Ride Along 2€ 871.054106.7552016UPI
602The Usual Suspects€ 868.218155.0281996PFED
603Todos lo saben (Everybody Knows)€ 866.3202018CNA
604Bon Bini Holland 2€ 865.6042018E1
605Nowhere to Run€ 864.681162.7161993CTF
606The Snowman€ 864.460104.5942017UPI
607The Shallows€ 861.665105.1532016UPI
608All Eyez on Me€ 859.369101.1252017SEA
609You, Me and Dupree€ 858.041143.4092006UIP
610Edge of Darkness€ 857.151114.5622010E1
611TBS€ 853.008118.3952008IF
612Wild€ 847.297108.6352015FOX
613Brothers€ 847.171117.7392009AFD
614Green Zone€ 842.016111.4952010UPI
615Exit Wounds€ 842.000155.0002001WB
616Tower Heist€ 836.882113.6062011UPI
617Familieweekend€ 836.864101.4532016E1
618Flatliners€ 836.111154.8481990CTF
619The Watch€ 833.462109.9902012FOX
620Honey€ 831.924119.4242004UIP
621The Purge: Election Year€ 830.907100.6582016UPI
622American Assassin€ 830.095104.4792017IF
623Law Abiding Citizen€ 829.548114.0562009E1
624Memento€ 829.000145.0002001IF
625The Predator€ 824.7122018FOX
626Out of Sight€ 822.833141.1071998UIP
627Daddy's Home€ 820.840104.4872016UPI
628De matchmaker€ 818.9662018DFW
629The Next Three Days€ 816.650109.0862010E1
630Life€ 814.828101.1712017UPI
631I, Daniel Blake€ 812.388107.7242016CNA
632Mickey Blue Eyes€ 812.0001999UIP
633The Last Witch Hunter€ 809.46899.7232015IF
634Savages€ 807.804107.4052012UPI
635Fracture€ 800.000111.0002007RCV
636Scream 4€ 799.279103.7832011E1
637The Town€ 799.000107.0002010WB
638Popoz€ 798.559100.0122015DFW
639The Kingdom€ 798.000108.0002007UPI
640Mile 22€ 796.4362018SEA
641Lights Out€ 794.96593.5152016WB
642Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel)€ 794.000111.0002009E1
643RoboCop€ 791.67093.7862014UPI
644Piranha€ 791.00095.0002010AFD
645The Siege€ 791.0001999FOX
646The Danish Girl€ 787.629102.0502016UPI
647Den skyldige (The Guilty)€ 786.7402018SEP
648Saw 3D€ 786.14883.1152011BFD
649The Man in the Iron Mask€ 785.040145.0001998UIP
650Big Daddy€ 784.586148.0001999CTF


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