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2951Crónicas (Chronicles)€ 13.0002.0002005PAR
2952Don't Come Knockin'€ 13.0002.0002005AFD
2953A Film with Me in It€ 13.0002.0002009EFP
2954Forbrydelser (In Your Hands)€ 13.0002.00020041MF
2955Knallhart€ 13.0002.0002007BFD
2956La maison€ 13.0002.0002008BFD
2957Romanzo criminale (Crime Novel)€ 13.0002.0002006AFD
2958Salvador (Puig Antich)€ 13.0002.0002007BFD
2959Sleuth€ 13.0002.0002008WWE
2960Talk to Me€ 13.0002.0002007WWE
296138 témoins€ 12.9331.9442012CNA
2962Post Mortem€ 12.8912.7172011EYE
2963Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse (My Golden Days)€ 12.8221.7122015LUM
2964Route Irish€ 12.7562.0442011CNA
2965Where the Heart Is€ 12.7063.0002000IFD
2966600 millas (600 Miles)€ 12.5341.8112015AMF
2967Illégal€ 12.5132.3122011AMF
2968Casse-tête chinois (Chinese Puzzle)€ 12.4931.9282014CNA
2969Miesten vuoro (Steam of Life)€ 12.4542.0632011CD
2970Cartas da guerra (Letters from War)€ 12.2721.7742017IMA
2971Félix & Meira€ 12.2621.9242015AMF
2972Emporte-moi (Set Me Free)€ 12.2523.0002000ONB
2973Romance€ 12.2522.0002000ONB
2974Tu dors Nicole (You're Sleeping Nicole)€ 12.1711.7612015IMA
2975Gatos viejos (Old Cats)€ 12.1691.8552011CM
2976In Darkness€ 12.1511.8352013WBU
2977All You Need is Me€ 12.1481.6482016CD
2978De erfenis€ 12.1321.7112017AMF
2979Whores' Glory€ 12.0761.7562012AMF
2980Josie€ 12.0691.7572018DFW
2981Reis€ 12.0631.2052017ONB
2982Remainder€ 12.0601.7872016CM
2983The Ward€ 12.0301.9062011AFD
2984Retour à Ithaque (Return to Ithaca)€ 12.0261.6692015CNA
2985Gerry€ 12.0002.0002003IF
2986Immortel (Ad Vitam)€ 12.0002.0002004IF
2987The Limits of Control€ 12.0002.0002009AFD
2988Om jag vänder mig om (Daybreak)€ 12.0002.00020051MF
2989Reconstruction€ 12.0002.00020041MF
2990RKO 281€ 12.0003.0002001CM
2991Sweet Sixteen€ 12.0002.0002003AFD
2992Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken (Love in Thoughts)€ 12.0002.0002004BAD
2993You Kill Me€ 12.0002.0002007WWE
2994Insyriated (In Syria)€ 11.9961.8972017AMF
2995Marti, dupa craciun (Tuesday, After Christmas)€ 11.9231.9912011AMF
2996If the Sun Explodes€ 11.9181.9152017AMF
2997Y'aura t'il de la neige à Noël? (Will It Snow for Christmas?)€ 11.9171.6962015EYE
2998Grand Central€ 11.9071.7952013CNA
2999Rabot€ 11.8451.8802018AMF
3000Je suis mort mais j'ai des amis (I'm Dead But I Have Friends)€ 11.8181.8732015AMF


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