Kijkwijzer: Drugs- en alcoholmisbruik

201I'm Not There.€ 216.00033.0002008AFD
202Best Night Ever€ 215.68729.6992014AFD
203What Maisie Knew€ 212.97230.6062013SEP
204EuroTrip€ 211.00035.0002004UIP
205The Inbetweeners€ 207.47029.7572012E1
206Dheepan€ 206.77028.2472015LUM
207Sleeping with Other People€ 201.83528.0762015DFW
208Dope€ 201.67127.0852015UPI
209Wanderlust€ 198.20028.1962012UPI
210My Week with Marilyn€ 196.84229.0462012PAR
211Le conseguenze dell'amore (The Consequences of Love)€ 196.00032.0002005CM
212Johan€ 196.00030.0002005BVI
213The Two Faces of January€ 193.67126.6762014AFD
214The Bling Ring€ 193.33327.8272013AFD
215Oh Boy€ 191.74826.1212013CM
216You're Next€ 190.34625.5562013DFW
217Les invasions barbares (The Barbarian Invasions)€ 187.00030.0002004PAR
218Dark Places€ 183.17024.2772015AFD
219Amazones€ 179.00026.0002004AFD
220Bobby€ 178.00028.0002007BFD
221The Forbidden Kingdom€ 177.00032.0002008IF
222Almost Famous€ 173.00033.0002001CTF
223Thank You for Your Service€ 171.62421.8732017E1
224Io e te (Me and You)€ 169.34125.6212013CM
225American Honey€ 169.00521.3312017CNA
226Greenberg€ 169.00025.0002010BFD
227Ricki and the Flash€ 167.23321.6902015UPI
228Wild Romance€ 167.00027.0002006IF
229Miss You Already€ 165.31822.2262016DFW
230Aus dem Nichts (In the Fade)€ 162.9832018CNA
231Kapringen (A Hijacking)€ 158.19423.0412013AFD
232Disconnect€ 158.09023.0372013LUM
233Big Eyes€ 150.57120.7242015CNA
234Les petits mouchoirs (Little White Lies)€ 150.21620.9062011CNA
235Piedras (Stones)€ 146.00024.0002003IF
236Fruitvale Station€ 145.91322.7632014AFD
237The Happy Prince€ 145.5662018SEP
238Solas€ 143.39530.0002000HS
239Reindeer Games€ 142.48724.0002000RCV
240Les uns et les autres€ 142.38317.2692017EYE
241Bolletjes Blues!€ 142.00019.0002006BVI
242The Happytime Murders€ 140.2602018SEA
243Le concert (The Concert)€ 140.00024.0002010CNA
244Belgica€ 139.92019.8582016SEP
245The Daughter€ 139.41119.5952016CPF
246Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (The Edukators)€ 139.00023.0002005CM
247Blue Valentine€ 134.88423.1852011PAR
248Rock of Ages€ 134.34519.3192012WB
249Een echte Vermeer€ 131.61519.1382016CNA
250Looking for Eric€ 131.00023.0002009CNA


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