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1601Samsara€ 300.00050.0002002CM
1602I Spy€ 299.00043.0002003CTF
1603Jeepers Creepers II€ 299.00045.0002003WWE
1604Monster€ 299.00043.0002004ML
1605Silent Hill€ 299.00042.0002006WWE
1606Underworld: Blood Wars€ 297.58033.3672016UPI
1607Resident Evil: The Final Chapter€ 295.26231.3082017UPI
1608Elizabethtown€ 295.00042.0002005UIP
1609Far from the Madding Crowd€ 293.20339.2332015FOX
1610Dance Flick€ 293.00047.0002009UPI
161113 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi€ 292.83436.3922016UPI
1612Riphagen€ 292.72937.1172016SEP
1613Air Bud€ 292.68870.0001998WWE
1614Red Corner€ 292.23462.0001998UIP
1615Beestenboot (Two by Two)€ 292.04643.2422015IF
1616Ninja Assassin€ 292.00041.0002009WB
1617Collateral Damage€ 291.00045.0002002WB
1618The Fighter€ 290.72243.2802011AFD
1619The Shaggy Dog€ 290.00047.0002006BVI
1620The Unborn€ 290.00038.0002009UPI
1621Saw V€ 289.00037.0002009BFD
1622The X-Files: I Want to Believe€ 289.00040.0002008WB
1623The Pink Panther 2€ 287.00040.0002009SPR
1624The Lincoln Lawyer€ 286.87542.7552011WWE
1625Silent Hill: Revelation€ 286.14331.2122013WWE
1626Dogman€ 286.07336.3872018CNA
1627Southpaw€ 285.71237.6042015WWE
1628Mud€ 285.46038.5222013IMA
1629Fright Night€ 285.27532.6682011WDS
1630Babylon A.D.€ 285.00041.0002008UPI
1631State of Play€ 285.00043.0002009UPI
1632TMNT€ 285.00046.0002007WB
1633A United Kingdom€ 284.69938.4082017PAR
1634Father Figures€ 284.34635.8042018WB
1635Chaos€ 284.00041.0002006BFD
1636Any Given Sunday€ 283.15948.0002000WB
1637Bowling for Columbine€ 283.00045.0002002AFD
1638Unsane€ 282.31336.3552018FOX
1639The Boy in the Striped Pajamas€ 282.00041.0002009WDS
1640House at the End of the Street€ 280.43938.1972012PAR
1641Red Riding Hood€ 280.34139.7642011WB
1642Ballon€ 280.0032019CNA
1643Krampus€ 279.37435.5162015UPI
1644Children of Men€ 279.00040.0002006UIP
1645Monsieur Lazhar€ 277.66140.3252012IMA
1646Ayla: The Daughter of War€ 276.41528.5182017ONB
1647A casa tutti bene (There Is No Place Like Home)€ 275.70636.1932018ART
1648Paul€ 275.64440.4402011UPI
1649Italiensk for begyndere (Italian for Beginners)€ 275.00050.0002001USP
1650Son of the Mask€ 275.00046.0002005WWE


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