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1751Paranoia€ 198.70430.5922013E1
1752Pay It Forward€ 198.00032.0002001WB
1753Punch-Drunk Love€ 198.00035.0002003CTF
1754The Gift€ 197.91626.9892015SEA
1755Infiltrant€ 197.50326.0572014SEP
1756Hallo Bungalow€ 197.28525.8772015JFD
1757Mongol€ 197.00032.0002008BFD
1758Saw€ 197.00034.0002005IP
1759Le conseguenze dell'amore (The Consequences of Love)€ 196.00032.0002005CM
1760The Two Faces of January€ 193.67126.6762014AFD
1761Incarnate€ 193.12223.7232016DFW
1762La tourneuse de pages (The Page Turner)€ 193.00030.0002006BFD
1763Kapitein Rob en het geheim van Professor Lupardi€ 192.00030.0002007AFD
1764Ah-ga-ssi (The Handmaiden)€ 191.46825.2812017CNA
1765Over Her Dead Body€ 191.00029.0002008RCV
1766Ten Canoes€ 191.00031.0002007CM
1767The Raid€ 190.42028.2302012AFD
1768You're Next€ 190.34625.5562013DFW
1769Lions for Lambs€ 190.00027.0002007FOX
1770Edison€ 189.00029.0002006IF
1771Hummingbird (Redemption)€ 188.94427.8732013DFW
1772The Gallows€ 188.59623.2472015WB
1773Zoolander 2€ 188.48423.9742016UPI
1774Act of Valor€ 188.48127.2652012AFD
1775Baby Geniuses€ 188.31942.0001999
1776Blues Brothers 2000€ 188.31942.0001998UIP
1777Long Time Dead€ 188.00030.0002002UIP
1778Django€ 187.94025.9202017SPL
1779The Railway Man€ 187.55726.6542014E1
1780The Bank Job€ 187.00029.0002008BFD
1781The Messengers€ 187.00027.0002007BFD
1782Nightcrawler€ 186.80526.7072014WDS
1783A casa tutti bene (There Is No Place Like Home)€ 186.0012018ART
1784Halloween: Resurrection€ 186.00028.0002002RCV
1785Bad Santa 2€ 185.64424.0712016E1
1786The Eagle€ 185.61427.7172011E1
1787Gluckauf€ 185.28625.7782015SEP
1788Down€ 185.00027.0002001BVI
1789Lake Placid€ 184.68929.0002000FOX
1790Winx Club: Magisch Avontuur€ 184.20722.8392012JFD
1791Welcome to the Jungle (The Rundown)€ 184.00026.0002004CTF
1792Ever After€ 183.32733.0001999FOX
1793Dark Places€ 183.17024.2772015AFD
1794HHhH (The Man with the Iron Heart)€ 182.63124.3032017PAR
1795Fences€ 182.46824.1302017UPI
1796Estômago€ 182.00033.0002008CM
1797Tristan + Isolde€ 182.00029.0002006BFD
179828 Days€ 181.05828.0002000CTF
1799Silence€ 180.89022.6522017PAR
1800Hævnen (In a Better World)€ 180.65629.9042011CNA


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