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851Casino€ 930.334126.9831996UIP
852Cloud Atlas€ 928.031108.0412012BFD
853Chronicle€ 927.514124.8212012FOX
854The Time Machine€ 925.000137.0002002WB
855Floris€ 922.987145.7322004IF
856Ghost Ship€ 922.000131.0002002WB
857Billy Elliott€ 921.000153.0002001UIP
858The Happening€ 920.353122.4902008WB
859Creed€ 919.634112.3442016WB
860Gods of Egypt€ 917.71998.1822016IF
861Manchester by the Sea€ 914.8622017UPI
862Dude, Where's My Car?€ 914.000175.0002001NFFC
863The Secret Life of Walter Mitty€ 912.865118.2592014FOX
864Body of Lies€ 911.499121.8432008WB
865Beowulf€ 907.469110.1202007WB
866The Foreigner€ 907.2662017SEA
867In the Line of Fire€ 906.961172.7901993CTF
868Straight Outta Compton€ 905.355106.0612015UPI
869Argo€ 902.00093.5222012WB
870Superman Returns€ 900.677122.9552006WB
871Loaded Weapon 1€ 897.064173.1321993MFP
872Primal Fear€ 895.153181.6821996UIP
873Legends of the Fall€ 894.748175.6681995CTF
874My Bloody Valentine€ 892.72088.4062009RCV
875Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events€ 891.784127.9772004UIP
876Chicken Run€ 888.880159.9752000AFD
877Nocturnal Animals€ 887.117109.1322016UPI
878Four Brothers€ 886.743121.1972005UIP
879U-571€ 883.800144.1122000IF
880Wolf€ 882.834171.8861994CTF
881Memoirs of a Geisha€ 882.590124.2652006SPR
882Batman Returns€ 881.924161.2281992WB
883Borgman€ 880.291115.1582013CNA
884War Horse€ 874.130108.5432012WDS
885Apocalypto€ 873.411117.8972007AFD
886Ride Along 2€ 871.054106.7552016UPI
887The Usual Suspects€ 868.218155.0281996PFED
888Home Again€ 865.9072017SF
889Nowhere to Run€ 864.681162.7161993CTF
890Dreamcatcher€ 858.672121.6932003WB
891Edge of Darkness€ 857.151114.5622010E1
892The Snowman€ 856.1622017UPI
893The Incredible Hulk€ 855.945117.1582008UPI
894TBS€ 853.008118.3952008IF
895Casanova€ 852.910125.3772006BVI
896Brothers€ 847.171117.7392009AFD
897Red Eye€ 846.878125.5282005UIP
898Get Smart€ 844.575129.2592008WB
899All Eyez on Me€ 844.0582017SEA
900Green Zone€ 842.016111.4952010UPI


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