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201The Lego Movie€ 3.295.044402.2442014WB
202There's Something About Mary€ 3.294.350570.5461998FOX
203Home Alone 2: Lost in New York€ 3.293.113621.4181992FOX
204Ocean's Thirteen€ 3.276.132438.0442007WB
205Peter Rabbit (Pieter Konijn)€ 3.271.9162018SPR
206Sonny Boy€ 3.266.278420.3472011AFD
207Passengers€ 3.266.196345.3762016UPI
208Kingsman: The Golden Circle€ 3.265.703377.6412017FOX
209Rokjesdag€ 3.264.196401.7152016E1
210Moordwijven€ 3.263.851424.4282007IF
211The Mummy€ 3.260.208563.5881999UIP
212War for the Planet of the Apes€ 3.254.227341.2362017FOX
213Magic Mike€ 3.252.803403.8402012AFD
214Wonder Woman€ 3.242.742344.2962017WB
215Hancock€ 3.238.037425.3442008SPR
216Dinosaur€ 3.202.306574.8842000BVI
217The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult€ 3.191.154597.7081994UIP
218Kruistocht in spijkerbroek€ 3.186.890481.8662006BFD
219Now You See Me€ 3.181.998405.8302013E1
220Snow White and the Huntsman€ 3.164.876401.0442012UPI
221Hitch€ 3.151.015446.8922005CTF
222Thelma & Louise€ 3.144.915576.3021991UIP
223Spider-Man 3€ 3.138.413403.4432007SPR
224The Curious Case of Benjamin Button€ 3.122.615379.2212009WB
225Hotel Transylvania 2€ 3.109.575399.4872015SPR
226Face/Off€ 3.106.782519.7041997BVI
227American Reunion€ 3.101.496386.1082012UPI
228Tomb Raider€ 3.086.2962018WB
229The Emoji Movie€ 3.078.406407.6812017SPR
230Ja, ik wil!€ 3.065.171369.0392015E1
231Bad Boys 2€ 3.065.058434.1262003CTF
232The Hitman's Bodyguard€ 3.060.907366.7252017DFW
233The Proposal€ 3.048.605411.5802009WDS
234The Rock€ 3.037.075608.0471996BVI
235Lethal Weapon 4€ 3.029.435508.1361998WB
236Logan€ 3.017.820342.0232017WB
237Gone in Sixty Seconds€ 3.017.733480.2072000BVI
238Guardians of the Galaxy€ 3.012.340311.5882014WDS
239Volle Maan€ 3.010.000455.0002002IF
240The Other Woman€ 2.998.799373.9642014FOX
241The Mummy Returns€ 2.994.000514.0002001UIP
242Yes Man€ 2.982.274390.1202009WB
243Sherlock Holmes€ 2.955.143381.8962010WB
244The Karate Kid€ 2.955.129394.8122010SPR
245Bee Movie€ 2.951.968451.3602007UPI
246A Beautiful Mind€ 2.951.000440.0002002UIP
247Minority Report€ 2.935.000415.0002002FOX
248The Twilight Saga: Eclipse€ 2.913.676361.1512010IF
249How to Train Your Dragon (Hoe tem je een draak)€ 2.906.187347.8362010UPI
250Exodus: Gods and Kings€ 2.895.363298.4302014FOX


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