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1051Daredevil€ 688.000100.0002003FOX
1052Snatched (Mother/Daughter)€ 687.63287.8392017FOX
1053Antz€ 687.477122.0001999UIP
1054Hop€ 685.821104.5752011UPI
1055Hitman: Agent 47€ 682.46184.8192015FOX
1056Luftslottet som sprängdes (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)€ 682.00092.0002010BFD
1057Alpha€ 681.7642018SPR
1058Happy Death Day (Half to Death)€ 681.03784.1642017UPI
1059Tropic Thunder€ 681.00095.0002008UPI
1060Colombiana€ 679.02193.2792011BFD
1061Leef!€ 675.00089.0002005AFD
1062Ronin€ 675.0001999UIP
1063A Walk Among the Tombstones€ 674.49787.9492014AFD
1064Black Knight€ 674.00098.0002002FOX
1065Resident Evil: Afterlife€ 674.00070.0002010E1
1066Biutiful€ 673.96093.7412011AFD
1067Bitter Moon€ 673.0001992MFP
1068Fist Fight€ 672.70387.9112017WB
1069Death Wish€ 672.6532018DFW
1070Blow€ 672.000114.0002001PAR
1071Mirrors€ 671.000103.0002008WB
1072Surrogates€ 671.00091.0002009WDS
1073Bangkok Dangerous€ 669.000117.0002008RCV
1074Hidalgo€ 669.00093.0002004BVI
1075One Direction: This Is Us€ 667.35971.2552013UPI
1076The Pink Panther€ 666.00099.0002006FOX
1077Daddy's Home 2€ 665.68984.7072017PPI
1078Prisoners€ 663.79089.5172013IF
1079Sucker Punch€ 663.35982.4902011WB
1080Ghostbusters€ 663.24373.7522016UPI
1081An Angel at My Table€ 663.0001991CM
1082Baby's Day Out€ 661.0001994FOX
1083Not Another Teen Movie€ 661.000126.0002002CTF
1084The Nutcracker and the Four Realms€ 660.6122018WDS
1085Diep in de zee (Deep)€ 659.7252018DFW
1086Insidious€ 659.37587.4522011E1
1087Ober€ 658.00097.0002006AFD
1088All the Money in the World€ 657.8912018SEA
1089Meet Dave€ 657.000108.0002008WB
1090Syriana€ 656.00093.0002006WB
1091Remember Me€ 655.00088.0002010IF
1092Mortal Kombat€ 653.0001995IF
1093Gran Torino€ 652.00092.0002009WB
1094Mindhunters€ 652.00092.0002004IF
1095Homefront€ 651.04487.5132013DFW
1096Chicago€ 651.00098.0002003RCV
1097Taken€ 649.00091.0002008IF
1098Training Day€ 649.00095.0002002WB
10998 femmes (8 Woman)€ 648.000117.0002002CM
1100Transcendence€ 644.58981.2522014IF


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