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701Biutiful€ 673.96093.7412011AFD
702Blow€ 672.000114.0002001PAR
703Happy Death Day (Half to Death)€ 671.4982017UPI
704Mirrors€ 671.000103.0002008WB
705Surrogates€ 671.00091.0002009WDS
706Escape Room€ 670.9772017DFW
707Fantastic Four€ 670.13885.7732015FOX
708The Pink Panther€ 666.00099.0002006FOX
709Prisoners€ 663.79089.5172013IF
710An Angel at My Table€ 663.0001991CM
711Baby's Day Out€ 661.0001994FOX
712Not Another Teen Movie€ 661.000126.0002002CTF
713Diep in de zee (Deep)€ 659.7252018DFW
714Insidious€ 659.37587.4522011E1
715White Noise€ 659.00096.0002005IF
716Meet Dave€ 657.000108.0002008WB
717Remember Me€ 655.00088.0002010IF
718The Age of Innocence€ 653.0001994CTF
719Mindhunters€ 652.00092.0002004IF
720Chicago€ 651.00098.0002003RCV
721Taken€ 649.00091.0002008IF
7228 femmes (8 Woman)€ 648.000117.0002002CM
723The Purge: Anarchy€ 646.38682.2912014UPI
724Mother!€ 644.3152017PPI
725The Cabin in the Woods€ 641.41784.0382012DFW
726Sneekweek€ 640.65676.4772016AFD
727Insidious: Chapter 3€ 636.87076.3222015UPI
728The Devil Inside€ 636.05079.6762012UPI
729Sinister€ 632.02581.5372012E1
730Peter Pan€ 628.000105.0002004CTF
731Arthur et les Minimoys (Arthur and the Invisibles)€ 627.000102.0002007IF
732The Woman in Black€ 626.05082.4022012DFW
733Max Payne€ 626.00086.0002008WB
734Every Day€ 625.3062018DFW
735Sicario€ 624.25479.4502015IF
736Kappen!€ 624.02682.8752016DFW
737Secret Window€ 624.00087.0002004CTF
738AVP: Alien vs. Predator€ 623.00087.0002004FOX
739Devil's Due€ 620.34676.2992014FOX
740Kiss the Girls€ 618.049104.0001998UIP
741De kleine vampier€ 616.3402017E1
742The Lovely Bones€ 615.00084.0002010UPI
743The Prestige€ 613.00085.0002007WB
744Stir of Echoes€ 612.15097.0002000IF
745Get Hard€ 611.50477.2512015WB
746The Spiderwick Chronicles€ 611.00091.0002008UPI
747Mission to Mars€ 610.334103.0002000BVI
748Final Destination 3€ 609.00088.0002006RCV
7493 Days to Kill€ 607.05381.5192014IF
750Insidious: Chapter 2€ 607.00376.6182013UPI


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