Kijkwijzer: Angst

701Insidious: Chapter 2€ 607.00376.6182013UPI
702Alle tijd€ 605.42482.2902011IF
703Melancholia€ 605.14682.9602011WBU
704Copycat€ 605.0001996WB
705Devil€ 601.00085.0002010UPI
706Babe: Pig in the City€ 600.351127.0001999
707Oculus€ 600.07774.5382014AFD
708Saw IV€ 600.00076.0002008BFD
709Bastille Day€ 599.4152016DFW
710Cruel Intentions€ 597.175113.0001999CTF
711Koning van Katoren€ 593.53165.3042012BFD
712Untraceable€ 593.00081.0002008RCV
713Premonition€ 590.00082.0002007RCV
714Seven Pounds€ 589.00079.0002009SPR
715Kappen!€ 588.2112016DFW
716Carrie€ 585.66075.8772013SPR
717Perfect Stranger€ 585.00080.0002007SPR
718Pompeii€ 584.72767.2042014E1
7194: Rise of the Silver Surfer€ 582.00083.0002007FOX
720Snuf de hond in oorlogstijd€ 578.00091.0002008RCV
721Failure to Launch€ 572.00084.0002006UIP
722El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)€ 570.00081.0002007PAR
723Romeo Must Die€ 569.04092.0002000WB
724Dorsvloer vol confetti€ 565.95382.9702014E1
725The Pianist€ 565.00084.0002002AFD
726So Undercover€ 564.80147.9312012IF
727Eight Legged Freaks€ 562.00088.0002002WB
728The Gift€ 560.00089.0002001PAR
729A Serious Man€ 560.00079.0002010UPI
730O Brother, Where Art Thou?€ 559.96593.0002000UIP
731Sneekweek€ 559.3462016AFD
732Hannibal Rising€ 559.00078.0002007BFD
733Sphere€ 558.15099.0001998WB
734The Grudge 2€ 557.00076.0002006IF
735Polleke€ 557.00096.0002003UIP
736If I Stay€ 555.68185.6372014WB
737The Wolfman€ 554.00073.0002010UPI
738The Lady in the Van€ 553.2622016UPI
739Killing Them Softly€ 550.48772.4792012DFW
740In the Heart of the Sea€ 550.08762.5552015WB
741De rouille et d'os (Rust and Bone)€ 549.42974.6092012LUM
742Season of the Witch€ 547.51974.6422011AFD
743Rings€ 547.0562017UPI
744Identity€ 544.00080.0002003CTF
745Chernobyl Diaries€ 541.93771.0002012E1
746Ouija€ 541.01667.4832014UPI
747The Ghost Writer€ 540.00075.0002010BFD
748Mar adentro (The Sea Inside)€ 540.00084.0002005AFD
749Jarhead€ 539.00077.0002006UIP
750Drag Me to Hell€ 535.00073.0002009RCV


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