Kijkwijzer: Angst

1351Hauru no ugoku shiro (Howl's Moving Castle)€ 93.00015.0002005PAR
1352La fille du RER (The Girl on the Train)€ 92.00014.0002009BFD
1353Jersey Girl€ 92.00015.0002004RCV
1354The Thing€ 91.86012.9202011UPI
1355Simon och ekarna (Simon)€ 91.60413.6922012JFD
1356Buddenbrooks€ 91.00014.0002009CM
1357A Perfect Day€ 90.89813.8332015SEP
1358This Is the End€ 90.63312.9152013UPI
1359August Rush€ 90.00015.0002008RCV
1360Boy A€ 90.00014.0002008CM
1361The Hoax€ 90.00015.0002007IF
1362The Private Lives of Pippa Lee€ 90.00015.0002009RCV
1363Submarine€ 89.95114.1002011WBU
1364Het leven volgens Nino€ 89.22513.5832014AFD
1365All the Boys Love Mandy Lane€ 89.00014.0002008ML
1366Code Inconnu (Code Unknown)€ 89.00017.0002001CM
1367Sicko€ 89.00014.0002007AFD
1368Welcome€ 89.00015.0002009CNA
1369Great Expectations€ 88.94117.0001998CTF
1370Tanna€ 88.75112.4462016CM
1371Terraferma€ 88.39313.9702012CM
1372The Hitcher€ 88.00013.0002007RCV
1373Etz limon (Lemon Tree)€ 87.00015.0002008CNA
1374Letters from Iwo Jima€ 87.00013.0002007WB
1375El orfanato (The Orphanage)€ 87.00015.0002008AFD
1376Sl8n8 (Slaughter Night)€ 87.00012.0002006ML
1377Pawn Sacrifice€ 86.13412.7912015E1
1378Live!€ 86.00014.0002007IF
1379Lost Souls€ 86.00015.0002001RCV
1380Le premier jour du reste de ta vie (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)€ 86.00014.0002009CNA
1381Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai€ 85.31116.0002000UPI
1382Apocalypse Now Redux€ 85.00012.0002001AFD
1383Brødre (Brothers)€ 85.00015.0002005AFD
1384Enigma€ 85.00014.0002002IFD
1385Requiem for a Dream€ 85.00016.0002001IF
1386Being Flynn€ 84.06012.3982012BFD
1387Baarìa€ 84.00012.0002010PAR
1388Kan door huid heen€ 84.00013.0002009BFD
1389Ants on a Shrimp€ 83.77711.3522016CD
1390Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse€ 83.34212.1272015UPI
1391The Boxer€ 83.04215.0001998UIP
1392DeUsynlige (Troubled Water)€ 83.00014.0002009WBU
1393Der Krieger und die Kaiserin€ 83.00017.0002001AFD
1394Serenity€ 83.00013.0002005UIP
1395Testament of Youth€ 82.96812.0172015CNA
1396Let Me In€ 82.48312.7612011AFD
1397I nostri ragazzi (The Dinner)€ 82.29011.7922015ART
1398The Damned€ 82.03711.0682014DFW
1399Persepolis€ 82.00015.0002008AFD
1400Made in Dagenham€ 81.82214.6962011CNA


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