Kijkwijzer: Angst

1651Sicko€ 89.00014.000AFD
1652Welcome€ 89.00015.0002007CNA
1653Great Expectations€ 88.94117.0002009CTF
1654Tanna€ 88.75112.4461998CM
16553 visages (3 Faces)€ 88.54511.7442016IMA
1656Terraferma€ 88.39313.9702018CM
1657The Hitcher€ 88.00013.0002012WWE
1658Etz limon (Lemon Tree)€ 87.00015.0002007CNA
1659Letters from Iwo Jima€ 87.00013.0002008WB
1660El orfanato (The Orphanage)€ 87.00015.0002007AFD
1661Sl8n8 (Slaughter Night)€ 87.00012.0002008ML
1662Que Dios nos perdone (May God Save Us)€ 86.15411.2282006CPF
1663Pawn Sacrifice€ 86.13412.7912018WWE
1664Live!€ 86.00014.0002015IF
1665Lost Souls€ 86.00015.0002007WWE
1666Le premier jour du reste de ta vie (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)€ 86.00014.0002001CNA
1667Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai€ 85.31116.0002009UPI
1668Apocalypse Now Redux€ 85.00012.0002000AFD
1669Brødre (Brothers)€ 85.00015.0002001AFD
1670Enigma€ 85.00014.0002005IFD
1671Requiem for a Dream€ 85.00016.0002002IF
1672The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir€ 84.32511.3752001PAR
1673Being Flynn€ 84.06012.3982018BFD
1674Baarìa€ 84.00012.0002012PAR
1675Kan door huid heen€ 84.00013.0002010BFD
1676Ôtez-moi d'un doute (Just to Be Sure)€ 83.81911.6542009CNA
1677Ants on a Shrimp€ 83.77711.3522018CD
1678Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse€ 83.34212.1272016UPI
1679The Boxer€ 83.04215.0002015UIP
1680DeUsynlige (Troubled Water)€ 83.00014.0001998WBU
1681Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (The Princess and the Warrior)€ 83.00017.0002009AFD
1682Serenity€ 83.00013.0002001UIP
1683Testament of Youth€ 82.96812.0172005CNA
1684Let Me In€ 82.48312.7612015AFD
1685I nostri ragazzi (The Dinner)€ 82.29011.7922011ART
1686The Damned (Gallows Hill)€ 82.03711.0682015DFW
1687Persepolis€ 82.00015.0002014AFD
1688Made in Dagenham€ 81.82214.6962008CNA
1689Liebe in den Gängen (In the Aisles)€ 81.25811.2272011CPF
1690Wo he wo de zu guo (My People, My Country)€ 81.0968.4692018ONB
1691Nochnoy dozor (Night Watch)€ 81.00012.0002019FOX
1692Pinocchio€ 81.00016.0002005WWE
1693Zurich€ 80.26611.0262003CNA
1694Hoodwinked!€ 79.00013.0002015WWE
1695Personal Shopper€ 78.90011.1352006SEA
1696Ixcanul€ 78.20810.5522017CNA
1697Donkey Punch€ 78.00012.0002015EFP
1698Mr. Woodcock€ 78.00012.0002009WWE
1699Une vie (A Woman's Life)€ 77.61110.5972008SEP
1700The Finest Hours€ 77.0148.4242017WDS


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