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1001Snowden€ 382.89251.5692016IF
1002Self/less€ 382.82249.9612015WWE
1003A Street Cat Named Bob€ 380.03649.5682016WWE
1004Underdog€ 379.00059.0002008WDS
1005Deliver Us from Evil€ 378.89059.3122014UPI
1006Malavita (The Family)€ 378.79252.7562013IF
1007Wickie en de schat van de goden (Wickie auf großer Fahrt)€ 377.93448.6262012IF
1008The Party€ 373.84847.5942017CNA
1009The Rite€ 373.52150.4732011WB
1010Primary Colors€ 373.00762.0001998WWE
1011The Mothman Prophecies€ 373.00057.0002002IF
1012Mr. Holmes€ 372.12248.0512015PAR
1013Mr. Deeds€ 372.00055.0002002CTF
1014Le gamin au vélo€ 371.74253.6192011CNA
1015The Texas Chainsaw Massacre€ 371.00054.0002004WWE
1016Chef€ 370.75154.6222014UPI
1017The Animal€ 370.00055.0002001CTF
1018Only God Forgives€ 369.40251.1542013CNA
1019The Way Back€ 368.30251.3282011WWE
1020The Brave One€ 368.00050.0002007WB
1021Hellboy€ 366.3842019DFW
1022As Above/So Below€ 365.90652.1752014UPI
1023Stan and Ollie€ 365.6762019WWE
1024Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night)€ 364.70749.5692014CNA
1025Sylvia€ 364.00062.0002004WWE
1026The Exorcism of Emily Rose€ 362.00052.0002005SPR
1027The Rainmaker€ 359.84863.0001998UIP
1028Wish Upon€ 359.57044.6442017SPL
1029House of Wax€ 359.00054.0002005WB
1030Teen Titans Go!: To the Movies€ 357.57249.0512018WB
1031Animals United€ 354.03843.1022011WWE
1032Righteous Kill€ 353.00047.0002009ML
1033Mariken€ 352.14674.8872000CFI
1034Orphan€ 352.00048.0002009WB
1035Unfriended€ 351.37543.7882015UPI
1036Just My Luck€ 350.00053.0002006FOX
1037The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002010SPR
1038A Cure for Wellness€ 348.41745.2112017FOX
1039Bride of Chucky€ 347.59663.0001999WWE
1040Hemel op Aarde€ 345.82747.8542013AFD
1041Freddy Vs. Jason€ 345.00051.0002003WWE
1042You're Not You€ 344.03644.7492014DFW
1043The Constant Gardener€ 344.00050.0002005AFD
1044Adaptation.€ 343.00053.0002003IF
1045Patatje Oorlog€ 340.18251.5182011AFD
1046Underworld€ 340.00048.0002004ML
1047The Walk€ 338.77936.5982015UPI
1048Dora and the Lost City of Gold€ 337.4212019PPI
1049Julieta (Silencio)€ 335.18245.1602016CNA
1050The Life of David Gale€ 333.00051.0002003UIP


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