Productiejaar: 2013

151Nymphomaniac, Volume 1€ 212.27827.042SEP
152Free Birds€ 211.79228.2412013AFD
153Out of the Furnace€ 205.23130.3542013DFW
154Begin Again€ 204.87427.9732014WWE
155Paranoia€ 198.70430.5922014WWE
156The Two Faces of January€ 193.67126.6762013AFD
157The Bling Ring€ 193.33327.8272014AFD
158You're Next€ 190.34625.5562013DFW
159Hummingbird (Redemption)€ 188.94427.8732013DFW
160The Railway Man€ 187.55726.6542013WWE
161Les beaux jours (Bright Days Ahead)€ 184.79026.0412014CM
162Diana€ 179.41824.9372013CNA
163Die andere Heimat: Chronik einer Sehnsucht (Home from Home: Chronicle of a Vision)€ 174.89917.5392013LUM
164Under the Skin€ 174.19323.6632014AFD
165Trance€ 170.77025.2962014FOX
166The Last Stand€ 169.31624.0342013AFD
167Starred Up€ 168.92327.6802013CM
168Locke€ 167.74823.3502014SEP
169Snowpiercer€ 164.02824.5972014FFD
170Oldboy€ 162.80623.3592014PAR
171Winter's Tale€ 149.92919.6792013WB
172All Is Lost€ 148.19320.3422014UPI
173Machete Kills€ 147.48821.1932014IF
174Fruitvale Station€ 145.91322.7632013AFD
175Jeune et jolie (Young & Beautiful)€ 145.75020.3092014CNA
176The Love Punch€ 142.79519.1952013FFD
177The Last Exorcism: God Asks, The Devil Commands€ 140.48818.1842014WWE
178The Haunting in Georgia€ 136.85018.1072013DFW
179The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him & Her€ 133.51118.0452013IMA
180La Vénus à la fourrure (Venus in Fur)€ 131.11718.2092014WWE
181Kaze tachinu (The Wind Rises)€ 129.91217.2922014LUM
182Nymphomaniac, Volume 2€ 128.97017.1132014SEP
183Metallica Through the Never€ 127.30612.0502014WWE
184Two Mothers€ 122.97118.1982013FFD
185Hross í oss (Of Horses and Men)€ 119.92516.1642013AMF
186Tarzan€ 119.79515.8112015IF
187L' écume des jours (Mood Indigo)€ 119.37116.5922013CNA
188A Thousand Times Good Night€ 118.18216.8512013SEP
189Stoker€ 116.51317.3132014FOX
190Una via a Palermo (A Street in Palermo)€ 115.67115.5132013CM
191Lone Survivor€ 115.61414.0422014WDS
192Justin Bieber's Believe€ 114.71013.3512014DFW
193The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet€ 114.65814.9112014IF
194African Safari€ 111.01113.0782013DFW
195Los amantes pasajeros (I'm So Excited!)€ 109.36514.7632014AFD
196Still Life€ 109.10615.7002013SEP
197Kvinden i buret (The Keeper of Lost Causes)€ 108.92816.8572014LUM
198Enough Said€ 103.49615.1582014FOX
199Joe€ 103.28615.3362014CNA
200Finn€ 103.19417.1872014AFD


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