Productiejaar: 2010

51Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole€ 1.297.076150.5442010WB
52Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang€ 1.273.872193.6552010UPI
53Het geheim€ 1.264.705187.9742010AFD
54Life As We Know It€ 1.255.786165.9962010WB
55The A-Team€ 1.224.003161.2142010WB
56The American€ 1.217.861168.8462010BFD
57The Social Network€ 1.200.611162.6982010SPR
58Unstoppable€ 1.190.358158.8182010FOX
59Megamind€ 1.190.026149.6592010UPI
60Gulliver's Travels€ 1.184.260137.7902011WB
61The Bounty Hunter€ 1.131.470147.3472010SPR
62Paranormal Activity 2€ 1.096.652137.6762010UPI
63Gangsterboys€ 1.093.251140.0672010IF
64Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore€ 1.078.073143.6402010WB
65True Grit€ 1.073.179142.7752011UPI
66Mijn opa de bankrover€ 1.051.895159.1592011AFD
67Date Night€ 1.041.269138.8242010WB
68Killers€ 1.014.066135.9322010AFD
69Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps€ 984.250127.2832010FOX
70Kick-Ass€ 976.836134.5412010AFD
71Black Butterflies€ 967.615137.4092011AFD
72Briefgeheim€ 954.636139.2142010AFD
73Gnomeo and Juliet€ 935.859139.7212011WDS
74Edge of Darkness€ 857.151114.5622010E1
75Green Zone€ 842.016111.4952010UPI
76Mega Mindy en het Zwarte Kristal€ 832.960127.7462010IF
77The Next Three Days€ 816.650109.0862010E1
78The Town€ 799.000107.0002010WB
79Piranha€ 791.00095.0002010AFD
80Saw 3D€ 786.14883.1152011BFD
81The Book of Eli€ 772.000103.0002010PAR
82Going the Distance€ 765.000117.0002010WB
83Alpha and Omega€ 760.13095.9292011AFD
84Machete€ 725.000105.0002010E1
85From Paris with Love€ 723.00097.0002010E1
86Resident Evil: Afterlife€ 674.00070.0002010E1
87Biutiful€ 673.96093.7412011AFD
88Insidious€ 659.37587.4522011E1
89Remember Me€ 655.00088.0002010IF
90Dinner for Schmucks€ 646.00094.0002010UPI
91Burlesque€ 643.00057.0002010SPR
92Streetdance 3D€ 639.00067.0002010E1
93Letters to Juliet€ 627.00086.0002010E1
94Devil€ 601.00085.0002010UPI
95The Wolfman€ 554.00073.0002010UPI
96Season of the Witch€ 547.51974.6422011AFD
97The Back-Up Plan€ 541.00074.0002010SPR
98The Ghost Writer€ 540.00075.0002010BFD
99Predators€ 509.00068.0002010WB
100Ernst, Bobbie en het geheim van de Monta Rossa€ 453.00071.0002010AFD


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