Productiejaar: 2001

51A Knight's Tale€ 740.000114.000CTF
52Jeepers Creepers€ 731.00099.0002001IF
5315 Minutes€ 718.000121.0002002WWE
54Black Knight€ 674.00098.0002001FOX
55Blow€ 672.000114.0002002PAR
56Sproet (Das Sams)€ 664.000122.0002001IF
57Not Another Teen Movie€ 661.000126.0002002CTF
58Der kleine Eisbär (De kleine ijsbeer)€ 659.000121.0002002WB
59Training Day€ 649.00095.0002003WB
60Kate & Leopold€ 641.000102.0002002WWE
61Kiss of the Dragon€ 626.00094.0002002BVI
62Black Hawk Down€ 622.00087.0002001CTF
63Gosford Park€ 578.00089.0002002AFD
64The Wedding Planner€ 515.00080.0002002IFD
65Y tu mamá también (And Your Mother Too)€ 484.00077.0002001PAR
66Domestic Disturbance€ 465.00075.0002002WWE
67Thir13en Ghosts€ 460.00067.0002002CTF
68Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within€ 439.00067.0002002CTF
69Behind Enemy Lines€ 424.00039.0002001FOX
70Mulholland Drive€ 414.00067.0002002AFD
71Enemy at the Gates€ 402.00061.0002002UIP
72The One€ 396.00058.0002001CTF
73Down to Earth€ 381.00057.0002002UIP
74Zoolander€ 378.00057.0002001UIP
75The Animal€ 370.00055.0002001CTF
76Captain Corelli's Mandolin€ 353.00054.0002001UIP
77La pianiste (The Piano Teacher)€ 341.00062.0002001CM
78Driven€ 321.00051.0002001WB
79La stanza del figlio (The Son's Room)€ 307.00054.0002001AFD
80The Man Who Wasn't There€ 306.00049.0002001PAR
81Iris€ 303.00055.0002002PAR
82Samsara€ 300.00050.0002002CM
83Lucía y el Sexo (Sex and Lucia)€ 264.00044.0002002AFD
84The Hole€ 261.00039.0002002AFD
85One Night at McCool's€ 253.00043.0002001WWE
86K-PAX€ 231.00037.0002001IF
87Familie€ 228.00039.0002002CFI
88Zus & zo€ 223.00038.0002001WWE
89See Spot Run€ 222.00053.0002002WB
90I Am Sam€ 216.00036.0002001WWE
91Heartbreakers€ 207.00031.0002002IF
92Donnie Darko€ 206.00037.0002001AFD
93The Royal Tenenbaums€ 200.00031.0002002BVI
94Monster's Ball€ 199.00031.0002002IF
95The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring€ 191.2452002WB
96Down€ 185.00027.0002020BVI
97The Pledge€ 177.00027.0002001WB
98Formula 51 (The 51st State)€ 172.00027.0002001IFD
99Valentine€ 169.00026.0002002WB
100Intimacy€ 165.00029.0002001AFD


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