Productiejaar: 2000

51Mission to Mars€ 610.334103.0002000BVI
52Lek€ 588.55395.0002000CFI
53Romeo Must Die€ 569.04092.0002000WB
54The Gift€ 560.00089.0002001PAR
55O Brother, Where Art Thou?€ 559.96593.0002000UIP
56Tillsammans (Together)€ 551.00099.0002001USP
57The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas€ 550.435109.0002000UIP
58Bedazzled€ 521.00085.0002001NFFC
59Dungeons & Dragons€ 499.00091.0002001IF
60The Little Vampire€ 439.00089.0002001IF
61Autumn in New York€ 438.80566.0002000CTF
62Pane e tulipani (Bread and Tulips)€ 422.00082.0002001CM
63The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002001IF
64American Psycho€ 402.50364.0002000WWE
65High Fidelity€ 367.10866.0002000BVI
66Men of Honor€ 362.00058.0002001NFFC
67Mariken€ 352.14674.8872000CFI
68Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2€ 308.57149.0002000DFW
69Keeping the Faith€ 285.42848.0002000ONB
70Italiensk for begyndere (Italian for Beginners)€ 275.00050.0002001USP
71The Art of War€ 271.00042.0002001NFFC
72The Skulls€ 268.18445.0002000PAR
73Sous le sable (Under the Sand)€ 263.00051.0002001CM
74The Road to El Dorado€ 261.83150.0002000ONB
75Under Suspicion€ 245.04139.0002000IFD
76Frequency€ 243.22641.0002000WWE
77Remember the Titans€ 243.00041.0002001BVI
78Space Cowboys€ 242.31940.0002000WB
79Sexy Beast€ 242.00037.0002001IF
80Thirteen Days€ 236.00037.0002001WWE
81Jalla! Jalla!€ 229.00039.0002001USP
82Rules of Engagement€ 221.44536.0002000IF
83Gossip€ 215.09236.0002000WB
84The Next Best Thing€ 211.46237.0002000BVI
85Wilde mossels€ 206.62939.1282000USP
86Nurse Betty€ 203.74734.0002000IF
87Pay It Forward€ 198.00032.0002001WB
88Bounce€ 194.00040.0002001WWE
8928 Days€ 181.05828.0002000CTF
90De fûke€ 175.25929.4442000IF
91Maybe Baby€ 173.79828.0002000WWE
92Almost Famous€ 173.00033.0002001CTF
93Dracula 2000€ 155.00031.0002001WWE
94State and Main€ 155.00027.0002001PAR
95Amores Perros€ 144.00025.0002001FM
96Reindeer Games€ 142.48724.0002000WWE
97Dayereh (The Circle)€ 142.00027.0002001AFD
98Wonder Boys€ 137.49522.0002000WB
99Small Time Crooks€ 134.31923.0002000IFD
100Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her€ 132.95822.0002000IF


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