Productiejaar: 1998

1Saving Private Ryan€ 5.374.309784.316UIP
2Abeltje€ 4.721.321900.5971998WB
3Armageddon€ 3.933.443746.6881998BVI
4The Horse Whisperer€ 3.742.643571.8651998BVI
5Enemy of the State€ 3.413.429579.4821998BVI
6There's Something About Mary€ 3.294.350570.5461999FOX
7Lethal Weapon 4€ 3.029.435508.1361998WB
8Deep Impact€ 2.838.661527.0871998UIP
9Mulan€ 2.725.721539.6031998BVI
10Doctor Dolittle€ 2.675.944484.0031998CTF
11A Bug's Life€ 2.472.003489.8201998BVI
12Shakespeare in Love€ 2.335.139403.4891999UIP
13You've Got Mail€ 2.151.045364.1541999WB
14The Truman Show€ 1.967.005333.9211999UIP
15Godzilla€ 1.750.401302.2711998CTF
16The Prince of Egypt€ 1.525.710277.2981998UIP
17Six Days Seven Nights€ 1.512.814259.9071998BVI
18The X-Files€ 1.483.020259.0671998FOX
19The Mask of Zorro€ 1.422.857246.6981998CTF
20A Perfect Murder€ 1.406.604240.1211998WB
21Rush Hour€ 1.303.115225.5231998PAR
22Left Luggage€ 1.270.490243.7541999IF
23City of Angels€ 1.259.160217.1441998WB
24I Still Know What You Did Last Summer€ 1.233.139218.1631998CTF
25Meet Joe Black€ 1.145.132167.8691999UIP
26Blade€ 1.129.475184.4031999WWE
27Jane Austen's Mafia!€ 1.017.445180.4501998BVI
28Out of Sight€ 822.833141.1071998UIP
29The Siege€ 791.0001998FOX
30The Man in the Iron Mask€ 785.040145.0001999UIP
31Mercury Rising€ 768.704134.0001998UIP
32The Negotiator€ 706.536121.0001998WB
33Antz€ 687.477122.0001998UIP
34Ronin€ 675.0001999UIP
35Star Trek: Insurrection€ 636.0001999UIP
36U.S. Marshals€ 616.234105.0001999WB
37Wild Things€ 604.889105.0001998CTF
38Babe: Pig in the City€ 600.351127.0001998UIP
39Lost in Space€ 586.284130.0001999WWE
40Sphere€ 558.15099.0001998WB
41Snake Eyes€ 550.88996.0001998BVI
42The Big Lebowski€ 528.3901998UPI
43De Poolse Bruid€ 527.29397.0002018ARG
44The Parent Trap€ 522.755108.0001998BVI
45Halloween H20: 20 Years Later€ 513.67987.0001998WWE
46The Avengers€ 503.69684.0001998WB
47Wrongfully Accused€ 478.28481.0001998IF
48The Big Lebowski€ 448.33582.0002000PFED
49What Dreams May Come€ 409.31075.0001998PFED
50The Wedding Singer€ 388.43688.0001998PFED


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