Genre: Misdaad

51Sleepers€ 2.053.757328.0461996USP
52The Heat€ 2.048.843260.9992013FOX
53The Equalizer€ 2.048.0032014UPI
54Big Momma's House 2€ 1.989.428289.3512006FOX
55A Few Good Men€ 1.980.904361.4131993CTF
56Con Air€ 1.966.894397.8051997BVI
57The Departed€ 1.951.043254.3332006WB
58Beverly Hills Cop III€ 1.936.405350.0271994UIP
59The Pelican Brief€ 1.936.207319.5931994WB
60The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo€ 1.933.856235.6632012SPR
61The Mexican€ 1.864.415308.2882001UIP
62Safe House€ 1.860.243235.9792012UPI
63Rush Hour 2€ 1.805.195263.7912001PAR
64White Chicks€ 1.800.211258.1592004CTF
65The Italian Job€ 1.788.956268.2022003UIP
66Kill Bill: Vol. 2€ 1.770.858238.2972004RCV
67American Gangster€ 1.767.075216.9032007UPI
68Public Enemies€ 1.761.575229.7462009UPI
69The Mask€ 1.758.303349.7021994IF
70Inside Man€ 1.731.914241.5742006UIP
71The Distinguished Gentleman€ 1.718.487309.1031993BVI
722 Guns€ 1.711.724219.1972013UPI
73Don't Say a Word€ 1.705.751230.1332001FOX
74The Green Mile€ 1.694.136241.7892000UIP
75Traffic€ 1.690.618251.5622001RCV
76Bad Boys€ 1.681.763386.2591995CTF
77Wanted€ 1.664.656284.9972008UPI
78Demolition Man€ 1.619.768294.1541994WB
79RED€ 1.616.470213.4862010E1
80Home Alone 3€ 1.614.516295.5651997CTF
81S.W.A.T.€ 1.607.108223.9722003CTF
82Het Geheim van Mega Mindy€ 1.580.338249.8192009IF
83Gangs of New York€ 1.562.227213.0602003RCV
84Swordfish€ 1.551.506230.6532001WB
85The Hard Way€ 1.551.406290.9231991UIP
8621 Jump Street€ 1.550.950202.1672012SPR
87Point Break€ 1.549.649287.1521991CTF
88Jack Reacher€ 1.546.405111.8522012UPI
89The Fast and the Furious€ 1.519.075227.9122001UIP
90Fun with Dick and Jane€ 1.498.650216.4002006SPR
91Eraser€ 1.495.297256.4471996WB
92The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor)€ 1.489.964213.4122009BFD
93Burn After Reading€ 1.484.545200.1042008UPI
94Payback€ 1.459.928246.3221999WB
95A Perfect World€ 1.457.462244.3231993WB
96The River Wild€ 1.454.606261.2891995UIP
97Taken 2€ 1.437.231185.0932012E1
98Project X€ 1.433.568182.9732012WB
99No Country for Old Men€ 1.429.149191.7822008UPI
100A Perfect Murder€ 1.406.604240.1211998WB


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