Genre: Misdaad

251Untraceable€ 593.00081.0002008RCV
252Gomorra€ 589.00081.0002009CM
253Lek€ 588.55395.0002000CFI
254Run All Night€ 586.92674.8562015WB
255Parker€ 586.39277.9282013E1
256Shooter€ 586.00082.0002007UPI
257Perfect Stranger€ 585.00080.0002007SPR
258Wind River€ 575.74075.8242017SEA
259Smokin' Aces€ 571.00083.0002007UPI
260Romeo Must Die€ 569.04092.0002000WB
261Muppets Most Wanted€ 561.96278.7572014WDS
262O Brother, Where Art Thou?€ 559.96593.0002000UIP
263The Nice Guys€ 559.79972.0602016IF
264Hannibal Rising€ 559.00078.0002007BFD
265Hostage€ 552.00090.0002005IF
266Snake Eyes€ 550.88996.0001998BVI
267Killing Them Softly€ 550.48772.4792012DFW
268Sicario: Day of the Soldado€ 545.9232018IF
269Den of Thieves€ 539.5572018SEA
270The Hate U Give€ 533.7272019FOX
271Hell or High Water€ 533.23468.1842016RIL
272Lord of War€ 532.00075.0002005ML
273The Big Lebowski€ 528.3902018UPI
274Hitman€ 527.00072.0002007FOX
275Blitz€ 522.39971.4122011E1
276Safe€ 517.69870.3102012E1
277The Girl in the Spider's Web€ 512.4752018SPR
278Side Effects€ 505.70668.0072013IF
279Street Kings€ 496.00068.0002008FOX
280A Man Apart€ 489.00078.0002003RCV
281Identity Thief€ 488.25767.0272013UPI
282Lucky Number Slevin€ 487.00071.0002006IF
283I Know What You Did Last Summer€ 486.90687.0001998CTF
284Killer Elite€ 481.15665.7132011E1
285Dogville€ 476.00067.0002003AFD
286Pain & Gain€ 475.95964.6312013UPI
28721 Grams€ 474.00073.0002004PAR
288Domestic Disturbance€ 465.00075.0002002RCV
289Triple 9€ 448.71058.3772016E1
290The Big Lebowski€ 448.33582.0001998PFED
291Un prophète (A Prophet)€ 443.00060.0002010CM
292Torque€ 441.00062.0002004WB
293Contraband€ 434.10362.9112012UPI
294A Bigger Splash€ 431.45655.6462016LUM
295La mala educación (Bad Education)€ 426.00063.0002004AFD
296Basic€ 425.00071.0002003ML
297Duplicity€ 420.00060.0002009UPI
298End of Watch€ 418.78858.6922012IF
299The Place Beyond the Pines€ 416.56157.2792013IF
300The Watcher€ 416.00063.0002001IF


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