Genre: Misdaad

151Analyze This€ 1.112.137188.4861999WB
152Patser€ 1.107.9192018DFW
153The Score€ 1.105.000157.0002001UIP
154Gangsterboys€ 1.093.251140.0672010IF
155Schone handen€ 1.089.452133.4072015DFW
156A Kiss Before Dying€ 1.085.604199.5031991UIP
157Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son€ 1.080.536141.5782011FOX
158The Talented Mr. Ripley€ 1.073.147170.6692000RCV
159Spy Game€ 1.071.000158.0002002UIP
160De Bende van Oss€ 1.069.223141.7262011E1
161The Long Kiss Goodnight€ 1.067.179178.3831996RCV
162Sin City€ 1.063.226177.7522005RCV
163The Whole Nine Yards€ 1.047.305166.6592000FOX
164Date Night€ 1.041.269138.8242010WB
165The Last Boy Scout€ 1.022.996201.1591992WB
166Snatch.€ 1.020.713160.9042000CTF
167Karakter€ 1.020.038204.0611997BVI
168Jane Austen's Mafia!€ 1.017.445180.4501998BVI
169Jackie Brown€ 1.012.015184.4531998RCV
170RED 2€ 1.000.104130.3082013E1
171The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift€ 999.366146.9762006UIP
172The Counselor€ 998.775128.5962013FOX
173American Hustle€ 992.682129.9772014PAR
174A Time to Kill€ 991.435155.0691996WB
175Murder by Numbers€ 991.000149.0002002WB
176Rush Hour 3€ 983.652134.7152007PAR
177The Devil's Own€ 982.635176.9441997CTF
178Flickan som lekte med elden (The Girl Who Played with Fire)€ 950.044130.7122010BFD
179Double Jeopardy€ 945.216151.1722000UIP
180Volver€ 942.423162.0592006AFD
181Fight Club€ 940.054159.0151999CTF
182The Thomas Crown Affair€ 937.277158.0791999UIP
183Casino€ 930.334126.9831996UIP
184Loaded Weapon 1€ 897.064173.1321993MFP
185Primal Fear€ 895.153181.6821996UIP
186Four Brothers€ 886.743121.1972005UIP
187Batman Returns€ 881.924161.2281992WB
188The Usual Suspects€ 868.218155.0281996PFED
189Nowhere to Run€ 864.681162.7161993CTF
190The Snowman€ 864.460104.5942017UPI
191Edge of Darkness€ 857.151114.5622010E1
192TBS€ 853.008118.3952008IF
193Exit Wounds€ 842.000155.0002001WB
194Tower Heist€ 836.882113.6062011UPI
195Mega Mindy en het Zwarte Kristal€ 832.960127.7462010IF
196Law Abiding Citizen€ 829.548114.0562009E1
197Out of Sight€ 822.833141.1071998UIP
198The Next Three Days€ 816.650109.0862010E1
199Mickey Blue Eyes€ 812.0001999UIP
200Savages€ 807.804107.4052012UPI


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