Genre: Misdaad

201Out of Sight€ 822.833141.1071998UIP
202The Next Three Days€ 816.650109.0862010WWE
203Mickey Blue Eyes€ 812.0001999UIP
204Savages€ 807.804107.4052012UPI
205Fracture€ 800.000111.0002007WWE
206The Town€ 799.000107.0002010WB
207Bandits€ 798.000117.0002001IF
20821€ 796.000108.0002008SPR
209RoboCop€ 791.67093.7862014UPI
210The Siege€ 791.0001999FOX
211De dominee€ 787.000110.0002004AFD
212Black Mass€ 771.59894.2432015WB
213Drive Angry€ 768.30885.4432011BFD
214Papillon€ 752.04391.7022018DFW
215Along Came a Spider€ 745.000136.0002001UIP
216The Ladykillers€ 732.000114.0002004BVI
217Machete€ 725.000105.0002010WWE
21815 Minutes€ 718.000121.0002001WWE
219Taking Lives€ 708.000102.0002004WB
220The Negotiator€ 706.536121.0001998WB
221Be Cool€ 706.00097.0002005FOX
222Runner, Runner€ 702.22292.5772013FOX
223Vantage Point€ 701.00097.0002008SPR
224Daredevil€ 688.000100.0002003FOX
225Death Wish€ 686.57383.4282018DFW
226All the Money in the World€ 682.92383.1152018SEA
227Hitman: Agent 47€ 682.46184.8192015FOX
228Luftslottet som sprängdes (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)€ 682.00092.0002010BFD
229Colombiana€ 679.02193.2792011BFD
230Ronin€ 675.0001999UIP
231A Walk Among the Tombstones€ 674.49787.9492014AFD
232Blow€ 672.000114.0002001PAR
233Bangkok Dangerous€ 669.000117.0002008WWE
234The Pink Panther€ 666.00099.0002006FOX
235Prisoners€ 663.79089.5172013IF
236Baby's Day Out€ 661.0001994FOX
237Mindhunters€ 652.00092.0002004IF
238Chicago€ 651.00098.0002003WWE
239Training Day€ 649.00095.0002002WB
2408 femmes (8 Woman)€ 648.000117.0002002CM
241Kiss of the Dragon€ 626.00094.0002001BVI
242Max Payne€ 626.00086.0002008WB
243Sicario€ 624.25479.4502015IF
244Kiss the Girls€ 618.049104.0001998UIP
245Escobar (Loving Pablo)€ 615.99771.3942018DFW
246John Q€ 614.000105.0002002PAR
247Looper€ 607.91986.0212012WWE
248Road to Perdition€ 607.00093.0002002FOX
249Drive€ 606.60786.7752011CNA
250Copycat€ 605.0001996WB


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Redacteur:Mattijs Grannetia