Genre: Misdaad

1Fast & Furious 7€ 8.420.812955.8132015UPI
2The Fate of the Furious (Fast & Furious 8)€ 7.664.5962017UPI
3Basic Instinct€ 6.989.9381.262.7071992CTF
4The Wolf of Wall Street€ 6.001.055677.1672014DFW
5Ocean's Eleven€ 5.526.000807.0002002WB
6Fast & Furious 6€ 5.243.842616.8122013UPI
7Hannibal€ 5.180.000790.0002001UIP
8Ocean's Twelve€ 5.176.926704.0972004WB
9The Silence of the Lambs€ 5.069.242940.7671991CTF
10Kindergarten Cop€ 5.043.619928.1261991UIP
11The Dark Knight€ 4.968.797598.2892008WB
12101 Dalmatians€ 4.244.822813.8861997BVI
13The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear€ 4.048.272745.2581991UIP
14The Flintstones€ 3.779.715692.8121994UIP
15Mr. & Mrs. Smith€ 3.725.931531.4332005FOX
16Lethal Weapon 3€ 3.607.758648.8861992WB
17Ransom€ 3.561.476597.0651997BVI
18Loft€ 3.523.274444.6832010IF
19The Fugitive€ 3.523.164636.2271993WB
20Johnny English Reborn€ 3.473.083448.1702011UPI
21Fast & Furious 5 (Fast Five)€ 3.411.518428.7942011UPI
22Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
23Miss Congeniality€ 3.320.000526.0002001WB
24Die Hard: With a Vengeance€ 3.317.683644.9061995BVI
25Home Alone 2: Lost in New York€ 3.293.113621.4181992FOX
26Ocean's Thirteen€ 3.276.132438.0442007WB
27The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult€ 3.191.154597.7081994UIP
28Now You See Me€ 3.181.998405.8302013E1
29Thelma & Louise€ 3.144.915576.3021991UIP
30Face/Off€ 3.106.782519.7041997BVI
31Bad Boys 2€ 3.065.058434.1262003CTF
32Lethal Weapon 4€ 3.029.435508.1361998WB
33Se7en€ 3.029.222531.3831995PFED
34Gone in Sixty Seconds€ 3.017.733480.2072000BVI
35Sherlock Holmes€ 2.955.143381.8962010WB
36The Rescuers Down Under€ 2.944.370625.2331991BVI
37De Heineken ontvoering€ 2.779.042345.6182011AFD
38Focus€ 2.714.564329.2102015WB
39Sister Act€ 2.686.928498.5601992BVI
40Fast & Furious€ 2.681.765346.5132009UPI
41Dangerous Minds€ 2.658.689454.5311996BVI
42Entrapment€ 2.632.220462.8441999FOX
43London Has Fallen€ 2.603.8822016E1
44Kingsman: The Secret Service€ 2.556.464306.7232015FOX
45Red Dragon€ 2.549.000366.0002002UIP
46Taken 3€ 2.515.030290.8562015IF
472 Fast 2 Furious€ 2.425.491418.0942003UIP
48Catch Me If You Can€ 2.400.664346.3542003UIP
49A Good Day to Die Hard€ 2.380.401284.7112013FOX
50Step Up€ 2.375.556426.3912006IF


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