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651Brick Mansions€ 399.63853.085DFW
652Ladder 49€ 399.00059.0002014BVI
653Yu-Gi-Oh!€ 399.00067.0002004WB
654Kick-Ass 2€ 397.38054.8102004UPI
655The One€ 396.00058.0002013CTF
656Conan the Barbarian€ 390.71746.2842002BFD
657Riddick€ 390.48953.5232011DFW
658xXx: The Next Level (xXx: State of the Union)€ 390.00056.0002013SPR
659Rush€ 389.14953.0782005IF
660National Security€ 389.00054.0002013CTF
661Snitch€ 388.18452.9802003IF
662Death Proof€ 388.00057.0002013AFD
663The Gunman€ 384.25350.1392007IF
664Battle of the Year: The Dream Team€ 384.23641.4042015UPI
665Tears of the Sun€ 379.00057.0002013CTF
666Underdog€ 379.00059.0002003WDS
667Malavita (The Family)€ 378.79252.7562008IF
668Wickie en de schat van de goden (Wickie auf großer Fahrt)€ 377.93448.6262013IF
669Hard Rain€ 377.54565.0002012PFED
670Hellboy€ 372.78744.1741998DFW
671Cradle 2 the Grave€ 369.00062.0002019WB
672The Matrix (20th Anniversary)€ 368.61141.4712003WB
673Blackhat€ 367.08949.5942019UPI
674Star Wars: The Clone Wars€ 358.00064.0002015WB
675Teen Titans Go!: To the Movies€ 357.57249.0512008WB
676The 13th Warrior€ 356.21762.0002018BVI
677Do Not Disturb€ 353.04166.0001999BVI
678Righteous Kill€ 353.00047.0001999ML
679The Mechanic€ 351.00249.4902009BFD
680Dredd€ 349.13342.0402011WWE
681The Other Guys€ 349.00049.0002012SPR
682Death Race€ 345.00048.0002010UPI
683Underworld€ 340.00048.0002008ML
684Bob de Bouwer: Mega Machines€ 338.41649.8082004JFD
685Spring Breakers€ 337.67647.4032018IF
686Assault on Precinct 13€ 334.00049.0002013IF
687AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem€ 332.00045.0002005FOX
688Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D€ 331.40335.5162008FOX
689The International€ 330.00047.0002012SPR
690Driven€ 321.00051.0002009WB
691The Count of Monte Cristo€ 319.00061.0002001BVI
692Death Sentence€ 317.00046.0002002WWE
693Power Rangers€ 316.58743.0952007IF
694Black Out€ 314.61944.3282017BFD
695My Spy€ 313.8012012SEA
696Ghost Rider€ 313.00043.0002020SPR
697Snakes on a Plane€ 310.00046.0002007WWE
698Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World€ 308.22436.8352006WWE
699The Hunted€ 303.00055.0002011BVI
700Big Game€ 300.67140.8922003DFW


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