Genre: Actie

301Thor€ 1.349.250144.2582011UPI
302Iron Man€ 1.342.856179.8772008UPI
303Metro€ 1.342.666229.5181997BVI
304Ghost in the Shell€ 1.328.1132017UPI
305Shaft€ 1.324.300207.8172000UIP
306TRON: Legacy€ 1.321.644138.9662011WDS
307The Island€ 1.309.345187.7732005WB
308I Am Number Four€ 1.309.014164.7082011WDS
309Rush Hour€ 1.303.115225.5231999PAR
310George of the Jungle€ 1.297.843264.7801997BVI
311Gangster Squad€ 1.286.216166.5862013WB
312Journey 2: The Mysterious Island€ 1.269.859133.7942012WB
313Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life€ 1.258.700192.8902003UIP
314Hercules€ 1.251.338129.1172014UPI
315Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me€ 1.245.229221.0001999RCV
316Battleship€ 1.243.431160.2922012UPI
317Poseidon€ 1.241.789191.5912006WB
318Blue Streak€ 1.241.440211.0101999CTF
319The Fifth Element€ 1.238.812250.3661997BVI
320Point Break€ 1.233.1872016DFW
321Under Siege€ 1.231.545226.3031993WB
322Critical Decision (Executive Decision)€ 1.229.532217.5021996WB
323The A-Team€ 1.224.003161.2142010WB
324The Net€ 1.216.644217.6971995CTF
325John Wick€ 1.212.803152.6142014AFD
326Timecop€ 1.211.810219.9351994UIP
327Big Momma's House€ 1.207.000194.3062000FOX
328The Mummy€ 1.206.2832017UPI
329The Scorpion King€ 1.201.000180.0002002UIP
330Edge of Tomorrow€ 1.196.802127.9192014WB
331Batman Begins€ 1.195.055206.5622005WB
332Backdraft€ 1.193.439225.6481991UIP
333Unstoppable€ 1.190.358158.8182010FOX
334Megamind€ 1.190.026149.6592010UPI
335Watchmen€ 1.186.788142.1982009UPI
336John Carter€ 1.186.041123.4822012WDS
33747 Ronin€ 1.181.913128.1002013UPI
338The Green Hornet€ 1.180.055127.5212011SPR
339The Sum of All Fears€ 1.178.000176.0002002UIP
340The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen€ 1.177.637177.7812003FOX
341Batman Forever€ 1.175.891206.9471995WB
342G.I. Joe: Retaliation€ 1.173.572122.3952013UPI
343Braveheart€ 1.173.062176.0531995FOX
344Captain America: The First Avenger€ 1.168.801132.3382011UPI
345The Jackal€ 1.161.120196.9261998UIP
346The 6th Day€ 1.156.967174.9032000CTF
347Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous€ 1.149.673166.2252005WB
348Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (Special Edition)€ 1.139.439196.9561997CTF
349Sleepless€ 1.137.1582017SF
350Knowing€ 1.136.950152.0242009IF


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