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51Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull€ 4.413.885579.1592008UPI
52Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones€ 4.378.000654.0002002FOX
53How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Hoe tem je een draak 2)€ 4.341.344529.3952014FOX
54Iron Man 3€ 4.332.473436.2702013WDS
55Kung Fu Panda€ 4.222.425644.5992008UPI
56Spider-Man€ 4.210.000624.0002002CTF
57The Legend of Tarzan€ 4.146.9032016WB
58The Maze Runner€ 4.136.343508.9892014FOX
59King Kong€ 4.071.102518.5842005UIP
60Dawn of the Planet of the Apes€ 4.069.744424.6932014FOX
61The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear€ 4.048.272745.2581991UIP
62Gladiator€ 4.038.888618.0422000UIP
63New Kids: Nitro!€ 4.012.872490.1762011BFD
64Transformers: Dark of the Moon€ 3.986.756400.9252011UPI
65Interstellar€ 3.978.899436.5612014WB
66Armageddon€ 3.933.443746.6881998BVI
67Johnny English€ 3.909.973593.9212003UIP
68Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith€ 3.909.886561.8112005FOX
69Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol€ 3.903.945459.7872011UPI
70Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation€ 3.875.517439.2812015UPI
71Captain America: Civil War€ 3.855.1942016WDS
72Kung Fu Panda 2€ 3.847.462463.6052011UPI
73The Adventures of Tintin€ 3.826.190424.9622011SPR
74Angry Birds: The Movie€ 3.801.0122016UPI
75The Matrix Revolutions€ 3.785.117531.8032003WB
76The Matrix€ 3.781.326678.1151999WB
77The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials€ 3.778.132409.6552015FOX
78Mr. & Mrs. Smith€ 3.725.931531.4332005FOX
79Speed€ 3.699.930677.4421994FOX
80Mission: Impossible€ 3.694.440633.0781996UIP
81Kong: Skull Island€ 3.684.8372017WB
82The Last Samurai€ 3.679.316561.2982004WB
8322 Jump Street€ 3.673.108448.6762014UPI
84Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice€ 3.670.3852016WB
85Charlie's Angels€ 3.657.854567.7592000CTF
86Lethal Weapon 3€ 3.607.758648.8861992WB
87Ransom€ 3.561.476597.0651997BVI
88The Fugitive€ 3.523.164636.2271993WB
89The Martian€ 3.521.085357.5232015FOX
90Johnny English Reborn€ 3.473.083448.1702011UPI
91Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2€ 3.466.1142017WDS
92Enemy of the State€ 3.413.429579.4821999BVI
93Fast & Furious 5 (Fast Five)€ 3.411.518428.7942011UPI
94Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows€ 3.334.295415.0092011WB
95Transformers: Age of Extinction€ 3.330.676323.7222014UPI
96Die Hard: With a Vengeance€ 3.317.683644.9061995BVI
97Doctor Strange€ 3.310.7562016WDS
98The Lego Movie€ 3.295.044402.2442014WB
99The Mummy€ 3.260.208563.5881999UIP
100Hancock€ 3.238.037425.3442008SPR


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