Genre: Komedie

351Hartenstrijd€ 1.443.035175.6042016IF
352The Sorcerer's Apprentice€ 1.437.671191.9672010WDS
353Project X€ 1.433.568182.9732012WB
354Storks€ 1.430.415189.6072016WB
355Legally Blonde€ 1.428.000217.0002001FOX
356Dirty Grandpa€ 1.425.705175.7812016DFW
357The Mask of Zorro€ 1.422.857246.6981998CTF
358Rat Race€ 1.416.000228.0002001RCV
359Grown Ups 2€ 1.414.962181.1402013SPR
360The Sweetest Thing€ 1.414.000215.0002002CTF
361Herbie: Fully Loaded€ 1.412.263227.8252005BVI
362Jerry Maguire€ 1.399.943244.0411997CTF
363Vet Hard€ 1.399.520199.2952005AFD
364Robots€ 1.390.186235.6022005FOX
365Ushi Must Marry€ 1.387.623177.8782013DFW
366Open Season€ 1.382.036222.7442006SPR
367Ernst, Bobbie en de geslepen onix€ 1.372.281231.2832007IF
368Mr. Popper's Penguins€ 1.365.230191.8802011FOX
369Deadpool 2€ 1.364.4782018FOX
370Marmaduke€ 1.361.233213.6312010WB
371Office Christmas Party€ 1.356.619165.2702016E1
3723 Men and a Little Lady€ 1.356.572256.4591991BVI
373Cats & Dogs (Als kat en hond)€ 1.351.000256.0002001WB
374Marley & Me€ 1.350.740180.7352009WB
375Horton Hears a Who!€ 1.350.105209.7732008WB
376Spice World€ 1.348.117246.8781997PFED
377Annie€ 1.347.542187.5132014UPI
378Metro€ 1.342.666229.5181997BVI
379Along Came Polly€ 1.328.444191.2582004UIP
380Snow Dogs€ 1.306.000230.0002002BVI
381Rush Hour€ 1.303.115225.5231999PAR
382Midnight in Paris€ 1.300.234177.5242011PAR
383George of the Jungle€ 1.297.843264.7801997BVI
384Mannen van Mars€ 1.295.8922018E1
385Charlotte's Web€ 1.295.324205.7422006UIP
386The Ugly Truth€ 1.289.265172.1482009SPR
387Ellis in Glamourland€ 1.285.790193.4262004IF
388He's Just Not That Into You€ 1.284.308171.9262009PAR
389Hotel Transylvania€ 1.279.00075.6172012SPR
390Silver Linings Playbook€ 1.275.093167.0662013AFD
391Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang€ 1.273.872193.6552010UPI
392Journey 2: The Mysterious Island€ 1.269.859133.7942012WB
393Het geheim€ 1.264.705187.9742010AFD
394Life As We Know It€ 1.255.786165.9962010WB
395Fame€ 1.254.662173.3602009E1
39627 Dresses€ 1.253.194169.0012008FOX
397Starsky & Hutch€ 1.253.057181.0862004BVI
398Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me€ 1.245.229221.0001999RCV
399Doc Hollywood€ 1.242.658222.8261991WB
400I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry€ 1.241.831182.8582007UPI


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