Genre: Komedie

951De Masters€ 189.30125.7482015DFW
952Zoolander 2€ 188.48423.9742016UPI
953Baby Geniuses€ 188.31942.0001999
954Blues Brothers 2000€ 188.31942.0001998UIP
955Bandslam€ 188.00031.0002009IF
956The Disaster Artist€ 187.1902017WB
957Les invasions barbares (The Barbarian Invasions)€ 187.00030.0002004PAR
958Edtv€ 186.50437.0001999UIP
959Flirt€ 186.00027.0002005TLP
960Bad Santa 2€ 185.64424.0712016E1
961What the Bleep Do We Know!?€ 185.00028.0002005CM
962Lake Placid€ 184.68929.0002000FOX
963Welcome to the Jungle (The Rundown)€ 184.00026.0002004CTF
964Ever After€ 183.32733.0001999FOX
965Suburbicon€ 180.5042017SEA
966Bend It Like Beckham€ 180.00032.0002002AFD
967Amazones€ 179.00026.0002004AFD
968Analyze That€ 178.00026.0002003WB
969The Sessions€ 177.77125.4892013FOX
970Lang & Gelukkig€ 176.00025.0002010IF
971Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales)€ 175.41024.6502014CNA
972Rien à déclarer€ 175.32525.8012011PAR
973Grimm€ 175.00030.0002003AFD
974Truman€ 174.77923.5342016CM
975Bad Santa€ 174.00026.0002004RCV
976The Prince & Me€ 174.00031.0002004RCV
977Maybe Baby€ 173.79828.0002000RCV
978And So It Goes€ 173.74123.7952014E1
979Vampier Zusjes (Die Vampirschwestern)€ 173.65525.1932013JFD
980The Trip to Italy€ 173.45723.1992014SEP
981The King's Gardens€ 173.37923.4902015LUM
982L' auberge espagnole (The Spanish Apartment)€ 172.00029.0002002PAR
983Formula 51 (The 51st State)€ 172.00027.0002002IFD
984Keeping Mum€ 172.00026.0002005IF
985The Kids Are All Right€ 170.00026.0002010AFD
986Oh Baby€ 169.9322017E1
987Greenberg€ 169.00025.0002010BFD
988Battle of the Sexes€ 167.9442017FOX
989Ricki and the Flash€ 167.23321.6902015UPI
990American Honey€ 166.2762017CNA
991Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging€ 166.00023.0002008UPI
992Kangaroo Jack€ 166.00033.0002003WB
993New York, I Love You€ 166.00024.0002009PAR
994Miss You Already€ 165.31822.2262016DFW
995Down with Love€ 165.00027.0002003FOX
996Imagine Me & You€ 165.00025.0002006RCV
997Mine vaganti (Loose Cannons)€ 163.50423.6222011CM
998Deconstructing Harry€ 162.90729.0001999ONB
999Early Man€ 162.0062018E1
1000Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius€ 162.00030.0002002UIP


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