Genre: Komedie

551The Tuxedo€ 794.000111.0002002UIP
552Piranha€ 791.00095.0002010AFD
553Loenatik - De Moevie€ 789.000134.0002002TLP
554Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed€ 788.000133.0002004WB
555My Big Fat Greek Wedding€ 786.000115.0002002IF
556Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams€ 786.000154.0002003RCV
557Big Daddy€ 784.586148.0001999CTF
558Knocked Up€ 784.000112.0002007UPI
559Hail, Caesar!€ 783.91496.5282016UPI
560De surprise€ 781.24997.9962015AFD
561Spy Kids 3: Game Over€ 781.000133.0002004RCV
562Pitch Perfect€ 776.816101.3182013UPI
563Fissa€ 776.21796.7022016JFD
564Surf's Up€ 776.000121.0002007SPR
565Juno€ 772.000110.0002008FOX
566Brasserie Valentijn€ 769.67495.0792016DFW
567Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo€ 769.000111.0002005SPR
568Going the Distance€ 765.000117.0002010WB
569Alpha and Omega€ 760.13095.9292011AFD
570The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause€ 760.000116.0002002BVI
571You Don't Mess with the Zohan€ 758.000107.0002008SPR
572A Cinderella Story€ 755.000113.0002004WB
573The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past€ 755.000106.0002009E1
574Beverly Hills Chihuahua€ 750.000115.0002009WDS
57510 Things I Hate About You€ 748.284147.0001999BVI
576The Tale of Despereaux€ 747.000114.0002009UPI
577The Square€ 743.9042017CM
578Spy Kids€ 743.000155.0002001RCV
579The Man from U.N.C.L.E.€ 742.38090.6502015WB
580Made in America€ 741.0001993WB
581Evolution€ 740.000114.0002001CTF
582A Knight's Tale€ 740.000114.0002001CTF
583The Ladykillers€ 732.000114.0002004BVI
584Burnt€ 730.07792.8292015PAR
585Bon Dieu! (Serial (Bad) Weddings)€ 729.77698.7112014CNA
586The Hot Chick€ 724.000104.0002003BVI
587Magic in the Moonlight€ 722.35295.9022014PAR
588Three Kings€ 720.149120.0002000WB
589The Big Sick€ 720.0472017SEA
590Toni Erdmann€ 719.93185.4922016SEP
591Jack and Jill€ 718.92294.9812012SPR
592Zookeeper€ 711.88796.6482011SPR
593Be Cool€ 706.00097.0002005FOX
594Movie 43€ 704.42692.7842013DFW
595A Lot Like Love€ 696.000124.0002005BVI
596Freaky Friday€ 692.000109.0002003BVI
597Click€ 691.00097.0002006SPR
598Antz€ 687.477122.0001999UIP
599Hop€ 685.821104.5752011UPI
600The Accidental Husband€ 683.000120.0002008IF


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