Genre: Komedie

51Vaiana (Moana)€ 4.966.046611.3202016WDS
52Coco€ 4.947.2372017WDS
53Mr. Bean's Holiday€ 4.902.368686.1342007UPI
54Minoes€ 4.845.000813.0002001WB
55Rio 2€ 4.695.914580.2222014FOX
56Bon Bini Holland€ 4.679.432556.5072015E1
57Puss in Boots€ 4.601.300529.3112011UPI
58Cars 2€ 4.531.621574.5902011WDS
59Toscaanse bruiloft€ 4.496.499558.2002014AFD
60Toy Story 3€ 4.487.628564.5722010WDS
61Ratatouille€ 4.482.058765.4982007BVI
62The Nutty Professor€ 4.323.614748.4481996UIP
63Men in Black€ 4.314.575731.1011997CTF
64What Women Want€ 4.297.000674.0002001RCV
65Rio€ 4.282.474526.1242011WB
66Charlie and the Chocolate Factory€ 4.277.837670.3632005WB
67Love Actually€ 4.263.688593.8302003UIP
68101 Dalmatians€ 4.244.822813.8861997BVI
69Costa!€ 4.233.000672.0002001AFD
70Kung Fu Panda€ 4.222.425644.5992008UPI
71Forrest Gump€ 4.064.218625.9861994UIP
72102 Dalmatians€ 4.060.000775.0002001BVI
73The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear€ 4.048.272745.2581991UIP
74Sex and the City€ 4.014.478492.2722008PAR
75New Kids: Nitro!€ 4.012.872490.1762011BFD
76Mees Kees€ 4.005.887569.5622012E1
77Sex and the City 2€ 3.962.773483.7942010WB
78Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Roadtrip€ 3.915.728558.0342016WB
79Johnny English€ 3.909.973593.9212003UIP
80Despicable Me€ 3.900.840474.3292010UPI
81Rapunzel (Tangled)€ 3.884.730475.4502010WDS
82De gelukkige huisvrouw€ 3.859.982521.1422010BFD
83Kung Fu Panda 2€ 3.847.462463.6052011UPI
84Shark Tale€ 3.835.322615.2392004UIP
85Angry Birds: The Movie€ 3.812.423497.9182016UPI
86The Flintstones€ 3.779.715692.8121994UIP
87Mr. & Mrs. Smith€ 3.725.931531.4332005FOX
88Mannenharten€ 3.724.142452.1732013DFW
89The Penguins of Madagascar€ 3.718.504469.3082014FOX
90Speed€ 3.699.930677.4421994FOX
9122 Jump Street€ 3.673.108448.6762014UPI
92The Hangover€ 3.659.687489.4902009WB
93Charlie's Angels€ 3.657.854567.7592000CTF
94The Good Dinosaur€ 3.579.723462.8822015WDS
95The Croods€ 3.552.153432.2752013FOX
96Liar Liar€ 3.504.112683.8081997UIP
97The Holiday€ 3.500.695460.9202006UIP
98La La Land€ 3.498.547418.5232016IF
99Johnny English Reborn€ 3.473.083448.1702011UPI
100New Year's Eve€ 3.456.533434.0252011WB


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