Genre: Komedie

901Zombibi€ 326.74941.6952012AFD
902Morning Glory€ 326.30847.5082011UPI
903The Story of Us€ 323.09252.0002000WB
904A Dog's Purpose€ 322.41943.2772017WWE
905Heksje Lilly: Reis naar Mandolan (Hexe Lilli: Die Reise nach Mandolan)€ 321.88848.8092011ML
906Tous les soleils (All the Suns)€ 321.66347.9592011BFD
907Zonder Pardon€ 319.00043.0002009IF
908Mio fratello è figlio unico (My Brother Is an Only Child)€ 317.00048.0002008CM
909My Boss' Daughter€ 317.00050.0002003WWE
910De kleine heks (Die kleine Hexe)€ 316.87243.9712018DFW
911De laatste dagen van Emma Blank€ 316.00048.0002009AFD
912Into the Woods€ 315.15243.5562015WDS
913Ugly Dolls€ 314.8382019SEA
914Black Out€ 314.61944.3282012BFD
915Furry Vengeance (De bonte brigade)€ 314.00049.0002010WWE
916Beginners€ 309.08745.2542011WBU
917Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World€ 308.22436.8352011WWE
918Inherent Vice€ 308.09738.1342015WB
919Vampires Suck€ 308.00045.0002010WB
920The Ant Bully€ 307.00054.0002006WB
921Flypaper€ 305.62745.3952011IF
922Frozen Sing-A-Long€ 299.25144.3952014WDS
923I Spy€ 299.00043.0002003CTF
924We Bought a Zoo€ 295.58840.5542012FOX
925Elizabethtown€ 295.00042.0002005UIP
926Sunshine Cleaning€ 295.00045.0002009AFD
927Dance Flick€ 293.00047.0002009UPI
928Air Bud€ 292.68870.0001998WWE
929The Shaggy Dog€ 290.00047.0002006BVI
930Blast from the Past€ 289.51551.0001999
931Definitely, Maybe€ 288.00041.0002008UPI
932The Pink Panther 2€ 287.00040.0002009SPR
933A Good Old Fashioned Orgy€ 285.83540.2102012DFW
934Keeping the Faith€ 285.42848.0002000ONB
935Fright Night€ 285.27532.6682011WDS
936Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story€ 285.00046.0002004FOX
937TMNT€ 285.00046.0002007WB
938Father Figures€ 284.34635.8042018WB
939Curious George€ 284.00050.0002006UIP
940Bowling for Columbine€ 283.00045.0002002AFD
941Tapas€ 281.00048.0002006CM
942Krampus€ 279.37435.5162015UPI
943Funny People€ 278.00044.0002009UPI
944Monsieur Lazhar€ 277.66140.3252012IMA
945A casa tutti bene (There Is No Place Like Home)€ 275.70636.1932018ART
946Paul€ 275.64440.4402011UPI
947Niko 2 - Lentäjäveljekset (Niko 2)€ 275.47435.3932012JFD
948Italiensk for begyndere (Italian for Beginners)€ 275.00050.0002001USP
949Son of the Mask€ 275.00046.0002005WWE
950Quartet€ 274.44638.3662013AFD


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