Genre: Romantiek

601Original Sin€ 136.00021.0002001IF
602I Could Never Be Your Woman€ 135.00019.0002007IF
603Blue Valentine€ 134.88423.1852011PAR
604And Then We Danced€ 134.4432019CM
605Rock of Ages€ 134.34519.3192012WB
606View from the Top€ 134.00027.0002003WWE
607Seeking a Friend for the End of the World€ 133.74019.4092012PAR
608The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him & Her€ 133.51118.0452014IMA
609Agora€ 133.00020.0002010BFD
610Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her€ 132.95822.0002000IF
611Paris Can Wait (Bonjour Anne)€ 131.37316.9452017SPR
612Bajirao mastani€ 131.25015.5262015EIL
613Romance & Cigarettes€ 130.00020.0002006AFD
614She's So Lovely€ 129.78123.0001998WWE
615Bin-jip (3-Iron)€ 128.00020.0002005BAD
616Agata e la tempesta (Agata and the Storm)€ 126.00020.0002005CM
617Away We Go€ 124.00020.0002009AFD
618Fa yeung nin wa (In the Mood for Love)€ 123.00022.0002001CFI
619Two Mothers€ 122.97118.1982013FFD
620Ruby Sparks€ 122.58217.3382012FOX
621Paris, je t'aime (Paris, I Love You)€ 122.00020.0002007AFD
622Life Itself€ 121.67717.0272018CNA
623La délicatesse€ 121.45316.8832012FFD
624Rent-a-friend€ 121.27820.6872000AFD
625Leap Year€ 121.00019.0002010UPI
626An Ideal Husband€ 120.70621.0002000IF
627Ae Fond Kiss...€ 120.00018.0002004AFD
628Secretary€ 120.00020.0002003PAR
629Hross í oss (Of Horses and Men)€ 119.92516.1642015AMF
630L' écume des jours (Mood Indigo)€ 119.37116.5922013CNA
631Prem ratan dhan payo€ 119.04914.3012015ONB
632Georgia Rule€ 119.00023.0002007BFD
633How to Lose Friends & Alienate People€ 119.00018.0002008WWE
634Un homme a la hauteur (Up for Love)€ 116.41616.6542016CNA
635Blue Crush€ 115.00021.0002003UIP
636Gone with the Wind€ 114.47711.4812014EYE
637Comme une image (Look at Me)€ 114.00017.0002004AFD
638Enduring Love€ 114.00018.0002005AFD
639Kissing Jessica Stein€ 114.00019.0002002FOX
640The Phantom of the Opera€ 113.00016.0002005PAR
641Paris€ 112.00017.0002008CNA
642Howards End€ 111.05314.7412017EYE
643De grot€ 111.00019.0002001AFD
644Song for Marion (Unfinished Song)€ 110.15616.8502013CNA
645Love in the Time of Cholera€ 110.00016.0002008AFD
646Then She Found Me€ 110.00016.0002008WWE
647Bella Martha (Mostly Martha)€ 109.00019.0002002CM
648Venus€ 109.00018.0002007AFD
649Malèna€ 108.00020.0002001AFD
650Mansfield Park€ 108.00020.0002000IFD


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