Genre: Romantiek

151The Three Musketeers€ 1.514.619276.5671994BVI
152Six Days Seven Nights€ 1.512.814259.9071998BVI
153What to Expect When You're Expecting€ 1.496.842194.3392012DFW
154Alexander€ 1.492.912186.8822004AFD
155Ghost€ 1.484.599288.5391990UIP
156Pride and Prejudice€ 1.470.323211.3922005UIP
157Cinderella (Assepoester)€ 1.467.470334.2031950BVI
158The Three Musketeers€ 1.459.780159.1512011DFW
159Fashion Chicks€ 1.457.491192.0832015JFD
160Confessions of a Shopaholic€ 1.450.262194.0352009WDS
161Dear John€ 1.431.034188.4302010AFD
162Bram Stoker's Dracula€ 1.422.935264.9681993CTF
163The Mask of Zorro€ 1.422.857246.6981998CTF
164The Sweetest Thing€ 1.414.000215.0002002CTF
165Herbie: Fully Loaded€ 1.412.263227.8252005BVI
166Jerry Maguire€ 1.399.943244.0411997CTF
167Vet Hard€ 1.399.520199.2952005AFD
168Robots€ 1.390.186235.6022005FOX
169Dying Young€ 1.373.507246.9861991FOX
170Atonement€ 1.363.893197.4072007UPI
1713 Men and a Little Lady€ 1.356.572256.4591991BVI
172Scream 2€ 1.356.398244.5971998RCV
173Marley & Me€ 1.350.740180.7352009WB
174Cinderella€ 1.339.812185.7612015WDS
175Along Came Polly€ 1.328.444191.2582004UIP
176Midnight in Paris€ 1.300.234177.5242011PAR
177George of the Jungle€ 1.297.843264.7801997BVI
178Safe Haven€ 1.293.799163.2452013AFD
179The Ugly Truth€ 1.289.265172.1482009SPR
180He's Just Not That Into You€ 1.284.308171.9262009PAR
181Silver Linings Playbook€ 1.275.093167.0662013AFD
182Anna and the King€ 1.259.836194.4532000FOX
183Penny's Shadow€ 1.259.646186.2752011IF
184City of Angels€ 1.259.160217.1441998WB
185Life As We Know It€ 1.255.786165.9962010WB
186Fame€ 1.254.662173.3602009E1
18727 Dresses€ 1.253.194169.0012008FOX
188Doc Hollywood€ 1.242.658222.8261991WB
189I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry€ 1.241.831182.8582007UPI
190Sense and Sensibility€ 1.233.024233.1481996CTF
191Paper Towns€ 1.224.063154.2162015FOX
192The Lizzie McGuire Movie€ 1.219.439200.8772003BVI
193Allied€ 1.219.2402017UPI
194That Awkward Moment€ 1.217.282155.0692014E1
195Crossroads€ 1.216.000195.0002002RCV
196The 40 Year-Old Virgin€ 1.210.000169.0002005UIP
197The Princess Diaries€ 1.210.000191.0002001BVI
198The Scorpion King€ 1.201.000180.0002002UIP
199The Family Man€ 1.174.892185.1422000RCV
200Far and Away€ 1.170.300176.7861992UIP


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