Genre: Romantiek

451Love Happens€ 309.00043.000AFD
452Inherent Vice€ 308.09738.1342009WB
453Gloria Bell€ 305.65337.6492015SEA
454Before Midnight€ 305.38739.7332019WBU
455The Perks of Being a Wallflower€ 305.17343.4452013PAR
456Iris€ 303.00055.0002012PAR
457Samsara€ 300.00050.0002002CM
458Siberia€ 298.13454.0002002WB
459Elizabethtown€ 295.00042.0001998UIP
460Les temps qui changent (Changing Times)€ 293.00047.0002005IP
461Blast from the Past€ 289.51551.0002005RCV
462Definitely, Maybe€ 288.00041.0001999UPI
463Bright Star€ 287.00042.0002008PAR
464Keeping the Faith€ 285.42848.0002009ONB
465A United Kingdom€ 284.69938.4082000PAR
466Little Children€ 283.00042.0002017AFD
467God's Own Country€ 280.62235.1852007SPL
468Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love€ 278.2272018POM
469Caos calmo (Quiet Chaos)€ 278.00048.0002020CNA
470Italiensk for begyndere (Italian for Beginners)€ 275.00050.0002008USP
471Dragonfly€ 274.00043.0002001BVI
472Goal!€ 271.00044.0002002BVI
473Disobedience€ 270.58434.8472005SPR
474One Day€ 269.44738.9362018BFD
475Bewitched€ 269.00039.0002011SPR
476Jane Eyre€ 266.74939.9842005AFD
477Love and Honor€ 266.35335.6122011DFW
478Playing for Keeps€ 266.13935.6202013DFW
479LucĂ­a y el Sexo (Sex and Lucia)€ 264.00044.0002012AFD
480Padmaavat€ 262.46427.5782002VAN
481P.S., I Love You€ 262.00035.0002018IF
482The Perfect Man€ 261.00040.0002007UIP
483Mucize (The Miracle)€ 258.60927.8622005KINO
484One for the Money€ 256.18136.3802015PAR
485Sex Drive€ 255.00036.0002012IF
486Forgetting Sarah Marshall€ 250.00036.0002008UPI
487She's the Man€ 250.00042.0002008WWE
488Chalet Girl€ 246.02433.4372006WWE
489It's a Boy Girl Thing€ 245.00034.0002011WWE
490Killing Me Softly€ 245.00045.0002007IF
491The Bachelor€ 244.58842.0002002WWE
492Hit & Run€ 243.39634.5252000IF
493Tulip Fever€ 240.95131.8802012WWE
494The Duchess€ 240.00037.0002017CNA
4955x2€ 236.00038.0002009CM
496Heaven€ 236.00039.0002004WWE
497Hannah Montana: The Movie€ 235.00037.0002002WDS
498Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia (Curse of the Golden Flower)€ 233.00035.0002009WWE
499Raise Your Voice€ 233.00035.0002007ML
500Two Night Stand€ 232.94131.9942005DFW


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